Otterbox iPhone Commuter TL Case

Otterbox iPhone Commuter TL Case
OtterBox iPhone Commuter TL Case- Travel Gear Review

You know you have a winner in your hand when your teenage daughter claims it for her own. What did she borrow from dear old mom? My daughter snatched the Otterbox iPhone Defender Case before I had opened the package.

However, I wasn’t going to part with my iPhone case. The good folks at Otterbox shipped us the iPhone 3G/3GS Commuter TL Case for review.

City Slicker or Stylish Traveler

The Otterbox iPhone Commuter TL Case is not as bulky as my iPhone Defender Case. In fact, it was designed to slide easily out of your purse, pocket or laptop bag. Forget the sleek design, the Commuter TL Case provides three slender, yet sturdy layers of protection. It comes in vibrant colors and offers more “style” according to my fashion conscious daughter. She selected the iPhone Commuter TL case in green.

Three Layers of Protection

The first layer is a self-adhering film that will protect your precious iPhone touch screen from dings and scratches. The second layer, designed to dissipate shock away from your iPhone, is a textured silicone skin. The final layer is a plastic shell that fits snuggly over the silicone, offering yet another layer of protection for the back of the iPhone.

How much does all this protection cost? The Otterbox iPhone Commuter TL Case is priced at $29.95. Keep in mind that the case does not provide water protection. While our experiences may vary from yours, I’m happy to report that my teenage daughter’s iPhone keeps chugging along after more than one drop to the ground.

The Fort Collins, Colorado-based company is social media savvy. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Otterbox iPhone Commuter TL Case”

  1. Looks like a very nice case – I get bored with my iPhone cases and switch them around often, but I sometimes have trouble with the ones that cover the screen with a protective film……I like that they’re protecting the screen from scratches, but even though they claim to not interfere with the touch sensitivity, sometimes they do….. I don’t know why it seems to work sometimes, and other times not, but I’m on a mission to find the perfect protective film….. Have you had any such trouble with this Otterbox Commuter TL case?On another note, the iPhone is amazingly resiliant when it comes to water damage – much more than other phones……my husband once accidentally left his iPhone in a pants pocket and it went through both the washing machine and dryer, and still works fine. It took a day for some water under the screen to dry up, but functioned perfectly and within a day you would not have ever known it had gotten wet. However, I strongly discourage anyone from testing this – your results may vary!

  2. People who haven’t seen or heard of Otterbox cases are missing out. They are by far the most durable and well designed cases out there. After going through case after case for my iphone, this was the first one that actually held up. You can get an Otterbox case for blackberries, iphones, and some other phones. I would definitely recommend them.

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