Cruise to Cuba with Royal Caribbean Cruises

Are you considering a visit to Cuba? I'm a fan of author Ernest Hemingway and I've been fascinated with Cuba's love affair with our classic American cars. I have wanted to cruise to Cuba with Royal Caribbean Cruises as it seemed liked the easiest, safest and most affordable way to travel to Havana and Cienfuegos, [...]

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5 Things To Do in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos, Cuba, fondly known as the Pearl of the South, was formerly a trading port for sugar cane, tobacco and coffee. It is situated in southern-central Cuba on the Caribbean coast. With a population of approximately 2,000 residents, the French Provincial town is a sharp contrast to the big city feel of Havana. Whether you [...]

7 Things to Do in Havana, Cuba

A visit to Havana, Cuba is a little like Adam and Eve wandered into the garden of Eden and tasted the forbidden fruit. As visitors to Havana, Cuba, we're allowed on the Caribbean island, as long as we have the proper credentials and don't overstay our welcome. We can eat the mangos, drink the rum [...]

Book Review: Cuba Then

This is a guest post by Susan Guillory of The Unexplorer. Cuba has been — up until recently — forbidden for Americans to visit. And yet there's always been a romantic glow about it that many of us (myself included) yearned to experience for ourselves. Cuba Then, by Ramiro A. Fernández, gives you a nostalgic glimpse into Cuba's past. [...]


27 new UNESCO World Heritage sites

  On July 8 in Quebec City, Canada, UNESCO, (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) announced 27 new additions to the organization’s list of cultural and natural heritage sites. Formed in 1945, UNESCO “seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.” [...]