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Nancy D. Brown is a travel writer whose work has appeared online and in newspapers and magazines nationwide. An equestrian expert, she publishes and the What a Trip blog, When not traveling, she lives with her family near San Francisco, California. Follow her on Twitter @Nancydbrown. Come find me on Google+.

A Review of Eureka Burger in Downtown Berkley

  Eureka! restaurant review, Berkeley, California The Eureka restaurant in downtown Berkeley is riding triple waves of popularity for artisan burgers, craft beer and American-made whiskeys. The canny owners only started the Eureka! group in 2009, and now have 10 locations throughout California with others open in Seattle. Eureka Burger in Berkeley The [...]

15 Gifts for Hikers and Adventurous Travelers

It's November and the television commercials and Black Friday specials are coming on strong. Have you started your holiday shopping? I'm finding all sorts of travel gear and travel apparel that I want, but it's the experiential travel that truly gets me excited. If you watched the above Travel Gift Guide video, you'll see that [...]

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