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  1. Hi Nancy-

    Our company received a notice from you about content owned by you. The email you provided kept bouncing back so I had to do some research and hopefully I am reaching the correct Nancy Brown. The email that was sent as is follows:
    My name is Nancy.

    Your website or a website that your organization hosts is infringing on a copyrighted images owned by me personally.

    Take a look at this report with the links to my images you used at and my previous publications to obtain the evidence of my copyrights.

    Download it right now and check this out for yourself:

    I think you\’ve intentionally infringed my legal rights under 17 U.S.C. Sec. 101 et seq. and could possibly be liable for statutory damages of up to $120,000 as set forth in Section 504 (c)(2) of the Digital millennium copyright act (”DMCA”) therein.

    This letter is official notice. I demand the elimination of the infringing materials described above. Please be aware as a company, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act requires you, to remove and terminate access to the copyrighted materials upon receipt of this notice. If you do not stop the use of the above mentioned copyrighted content a court action can be initiated against you.

    I have a good faith belief that utilization of the copyrighted materials referenced above as allegedly infringing is not permitted by the legal copyright proprietor, its legal agent, as well as laws.

    I swear, under consequence of perjury, that the information in this notification is accurate and that I am the copyright proprietor or am permitted to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive and legal right that is allegedly violated.

    Sincerely, Nancy Brown


    We apologize for the misunderstanding as we contracted with a website builder company (Ohava) to create our website- no harm was meant and the initial selection of content/pictures was not chosen by myself as the company was under a different management team at the time. I am unable to download the file you sent over- is there any way you can send it as an attachment? In the meantime, I do have editable access to the website and I have removed any piece of content that is an illustration or artwork, or photo. Please let me know which piece it is for further clarification.

    Doggie Adventures Mgmt

  2. Hello Nancy –
    I was a pleasure making your acquaintance last Thursday, on our makeshift train depot in Moab, Utah. I wish we had met earlier during your visit, but I am certain your card was already full.
    As I mentioned, several decades ago I wrote extensively for numerous Utah publication – Salt Lake Tribune (mostly travel articles), Utah Holiday, Impression, Utah Business, and several others from which I did not keep clips. Then my reality as a young husband preparing to start a family kicked in and I ventured into the business sector. But, though I was no longer writing for publications, I began writing for the corporations I worked for, Sprint, Triad America, Mountain Fuel, etc. My writing moved from travel and interviews to business related material In the late-90’s I wrote a business related book, “Successful Management – The Manager’s Manual” which continues to be available on Amazon.
    All that said, the family is raised, I have moved on to being divorced and having relocated to Moab, and am back at the keyboard.
    I have some ideas and will bounce one off you. There are a number of unique places of interest and activities down here to write about and I am looking for outlet for what I create. Two examples: 1. Base Camp: A resort on the west side of Hurrah pass on a road that takes 1.5 hours to travel about 23 miles, and on the Colorado river. Owned and operated by a former business exec who came there for a workshop, bought the place and took over. The B-film The Canyonlands was filmed there with the cast and crew residing there during the filming. It consists of an old lodge, several newer buildings, and with a boat house providing boating access to a lazy part of the Colorado.
    2. Redtail Air: A small air touring company flying small aircraft out of our airport, allowing passengers to view scenery from the cabin of their planes. They also provide short hops from Moab to Cicsco, Price, Grand Junction and other places with airports where they can land. I began the process of paving the road to do a story on the company accompanied with photos I will take from their planes.
    There are a variety places like these throughout this little chunck of our nation.
    Want to partner? I have some ideas and if you are interested, I would be open to discuss.
    Info on me is available on as well as on a website I am just launching and fine tuning
    I look forward to hearing from you

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I came across your story when I was looking for a story for a new magazine for Medford, OR Called “Rogue Vibe or Rogue Valley Vibe”. We are hoping to get our first issue out this fall. The magazine will be mailed to the East Medford Hills neighborhoods and some businesses, with a 20,000 distribution.

    Since we are just in the building stages, we can’t pay much compensation, but would you allow us to use “Southern Oregon’s Historic Jacksonville Inn”? In return we will promote your handles and website at the end of the article.

    Thank you very much for your consideration,

  4. Hi Nancy

    I am trying to reach your daughter to ask her a question about the SUP post she made. She writes in the post to feel free to ask her any questions, but I can’t see any way how to do that since you can’t comment on the post. Hope you can help!

    The specific question is:
    The Aqua Marina Coral looks perfect for my needs in every way except that every review says it’s best for smaller framed people, or women. But in your post you said your 6’4″ husband loves using it, and going from the photo he seems to be a solidly built man. So I am wondering if he found any issues with it?

  5. Nancy,

    I found your post regarding Carmel’s Highlands Inn unit 309. We are interested in receiving additional information about it. I see one picture. Do you have any additional pictures? E.g. from the balcony. Is it first floor or 3rd floor? Does it face any of the parking lots? Thanks.

  6. Hello Phillip,
    Sorry for my delayed response. Aqua Marina makes several SUP board with different sizes. While my daughter’s husband was fine on this board. You might want to go a size larger.

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