OtterBox iPhone Defender Case – Travel Gear Review

///OtterBox iPhone Defender Case – Travel Gear Review

OtterBox iPhone Defender Case – Travel Gear Review

"Otterbox case"

Otterbox iPhone Defender Case – Travel Gear Review

 Love your iPhone but not so happy with your iPhone case?

That was the situation for me until I received the OTTERBOX IPHONE 3G/3GS Defender Case and now I’m a happy camper.

Active Adventure Traveler

If you are an active adventure traveler or simply clumsy and prone to dropping your mobile phone, I strongly suggest that you invest  $49.95 in an OtterBox iPhone Defender Case.

When I purchased my iPhone 3G at the AT&T store, I also purchased a hard-shell leather case from Griffin Technology. I actually bought two; one for me and one for my 17 year old daughter’s iPhone. We both hated the Griffin case. The bottom corners of the leather melt in the California heat or from hand-held body heat and start to pull away from the phone.

I wasn’t home the day my OtterBox iPhone Defender Case arrived. Unfortunately, my daughter was and she immediately opened the box and proceeded to put the case on her iPhone. She enjoyed the OtterBox iPhone Deferender Case for two days and then had to give it up to her mother. So what does this say about the OtterBox appeal? Both a 40-something woman and a teenager liked the Otter Box.

Some OtterBox iPhone Defender Case reviews have had some negative comments about it’s clunky look. Personally, I like the unique look because my iPhone case stands out in a crowd, or should I say on a coffee table with five mobile phones scattered about. My black and yellow OtterBox iPhone Defender Case is a kin to having a tan piece of luggage pop out from the airport luggage carousel in a sea of black suitcases. The case also comes in black, white and pink colors.

Three Layers of Protection

The OtterBox defender case has three layers of protection. A thin, clear membrane covers the screen. Next, a Polycarbonate skeleton cradles the iPhone. Finally, a layer of silicone protects the phone from shock and drops. Do keep in mind that the OtterBox iPhone Defender Case is not waterproof.

FYI, if you plan to use a docking station on a daily basis, this case is not for you!

The Fort Collins, Colorado-based company is on Twitter and Facebook and is social media savvy. Please note that OtterBox supplied me with this product for review.

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