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How to work with travel bloggers – not a walk on the beach

Working with travel bloggers as easy as online dating?

While the title may sound arrogant, some might describe the world of travel blogging as yet uncharted territory. If only the relationship between travel bloggers and public relations professionals were as easy as online dating.

Instead of filling out a form listing our physical characteristics and our favorite activities such as walking on the beach at sunset, we could describe our blog and tell our potential suitor what we’re looking for in crafting the perfect post.

As a public relations professional with over 26 years in the industry, I come to the travel writer/travel blogger relationship with a unique perspective. On one hand, I understand how PR Pros feel over-whelmed in wading through the endless amount of travel blogs. However, that’s not to say that there are not tools available to account executives to help vet a qualified travel blogger.


Tips for Creating Successful Relationships with Travel Bloggers:

  • Read my blog before you send the e-mail asking me to write about or interview your client.
  • Take the time to address your pitch to me, Nancy Brown.
  • Don’t follow up to ask when the article will appear. If you have your Google Alerts set, you will see my posts as they go live.
  • Don’t ask me to link to your blog or offer to write a guest post for me if I don’t accept guest posts.
  • Please don’t ask me to write a post for your client because it will provide me with “exposure.”
"one way"

Successful travel blogger/PR relationships are not one way streets

Tips for Creating Successful Relationships with Public Relations Professionals:

  • Keep in mind that like you, I have deadlines and demands of my time.
  • Take the time to visit my website and learn of my client before you ask of something from me.
  • Be accountable, courteous and professional. Successful relationships are not one-way streets.
  • My client may not yet understand the value of online media coverage. Don’t be offended when I ask for your Alexa, Compete or Technorati statistics or your Google Analytics. Part of my job is to “vet” bloggers, deliver circulation figures and determine editorial reach.
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What tips do you have to offer for creating successful media relationships?

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