Dining in San Francisco Neighborhoods

"o izakaya"
O izakaya Lounge in San Francisco’s Japantown neighborhood

Welcome to the Neighborhood, A Series About San Francisco Neighborhoods

"Spruce cocktail"
Save room for a Spruce cocktail in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights neighborhood

Remember last month when we took you to one of our fave places to shop in a bunch of different San Francisco neighborhoods? Well this month we’re going to revisit those neighborhoods – but this time with your appetite in mind.  So put down your shopping bags and pull up a seat to enjoy a diverse range of cuisine throughout the city.

"o izakaya pork belly"
Try the o izakaya pork belly in San Francisco’s Japantown neighborhood

Japantown Izakaya is having its moment in San Francisco and a good place to get your Izakaya on in Japantown is the O Izakaya Lounge. The Izakaya concept is an import from Japan – a place to get together with your friends to have a few drinks and share some plates of food. O Izakaya’s lounge offers a Cali take on the trend i.e. fresh/organic. And the best part? Happy hour from 5-7, Tuesday-Saturday. Get the pork belly, the omocchi (fried rice balls) and if you like it spicy, the togarashi fries. While there is a long list of wines & cocktails, we encourage you to sample one of the 20+ sakes on the menu.

"umami burger"
Try the umami burger in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood

Cow Hollow It’s hard for people in the San Francisco Bay Area to admit that L.A. has anything to offer us culinarily. But we have to give credit where credit is due – well done, Umami Burger. The most anticipated San Francisco burger spot opening since In-N-Out, Umami Burger opened a few months ago. What’s with the name? Well umami is your “fifth taste”, which can be best described as savoriness. It goes without saying that you should order the namesake burger which has portobello & shitake mushrooms, a parmesan crisp, caramelized onions, roasted tomato and umami ketchup. It’s like umami squared and then squared again. Add the tempura onion rings and you are set.

"tacolicious tuna tostada"
Try the Tacolicious tuna tostada on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood

The Mission Mmmm, Tacolicious has opened in the Mission on Valencia Street. We’ve always been fans of the location on Chestnut Street and are so happy to have the Tacolicious option on the South side of town. You might be asking yourself, “does the Mission need another taco spot?” Well if they serve an albacore tuna tostada like Tacolicious does, the answer is yes. Get an order of that to start and then a plate of delicious, fresh, not-your-usual tacos as your main. While you’re there, enjoy the Paul Madonna mural.

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"Peasant Pies"
Chef Gerard Buulong creates these peasant pies in this San Francisco Noe Valley neighborhood

Noe Valley Peasant Pies is our go-to for a quick, casual, and of course delish snack destination in Noe Valley. Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Gerard Buulong brought this little specialty to San Francisco from Southern France after seeing the fishermen in Sete enjoying this “hand held meal”. We like the Basque Beef and the Chicken Potato pies, but if you’re into sweets Peasant pies has lots of options in that category too. Enjoy your pie and then get on with your shopping!

Presidio Heights No article from the Ladies of Carried Away is complete without a cocktail destination, and here is one the best in a town filled with artisanal/hand-crafted/farm-to-table/you-name-it cocktails: Spruce on Sacramento Street. Those cocktail geniuses behind the bar elevate the cocktail to a new and beautiful level. The Classic Cocktails are great – the House Specialties are even more so. And the setting is just perfect at the end of a day of exploring the city. Arrive when they open for dinner at 5pm so that you can claim your space at the cozy and elegant bar. Hint: ask for the Violet Beauregarde, if she’s on the menu, she’s worth the splurge.

Don’t you love eating in San Francisco? What are your favorite dining spots in San Francisco neighborhoods?

Top and third photos courtesy of O izakaya Lounge. Cocktail photo courtesy of Spruce Facebook page. Photo courtesy of Umami Burger. Photo of tuna tostada courtesy of Tacolicious. Photo of peasant pies courtesy of Peasant Pies Facebook page. This is a guest post by Dianne Admire.

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  1. @Chrissy
    In my line of work, I travel often and am exposed to some wonderful and some mediocre food. It’s always nice to return to the Bay Area for fantastic food options.

  2. I LOVE dining in San Fran and wish I found your blog a year ago when I traveled there! Luckily, my husband and I intend to live in the area within the next year so now I’m better prepared.
    During our last visit, we ate at Sebo and it was superb. I even tried a complete stranger’s meal and ate the fish right off his plate which was a first for me.
    We also appreciate fine cocktails and Spruce will be one of our first stops.

  3. @Heather
    Well, it took you awhile, but I’m glad you found my blog. As you will see, I have quite a bit of San Francisco content. Welcome to the hood!

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