4 Honolulu Bars with the Best Happy Hour

"Honolulu Beach"
What better way to end a day at the beach than with a Honolulu happy hour?

Bars with the Best Happy Hour

I love to experience the outdoors and jump at any chance to get my heart rate going while also exploring a new activity. In this regard, it’s safe to say that Hawaii pretty much has my name all over it. Of course, I also love good food and drinks. After a few hours or days running around hiking, biking, swimming and snorkeling, what better way to catch some R&R than with some serious happy hour time? Some of my favorite places are well-situated in the hub of Honolulu, just like many of my top hiking trails and beaches. What more could I ask for?

"Grass Skirt cocktail"
Enjoy Hawaiian cocktails for a true taste of the islands

Off the Wall Restaurant and Bar, Aiea, Hi

This place has specials every day of the week except Mondays. From one of my favorites, sake, slashed to 50 percent during Happy Hour (4 p.m – 6 p.m.) to fun sparkling cocktails for just $4, Off the Wall appeals to all imbibing styles. Plus, it has cheap, tasty Asian fusion appetizers and several Polynesian cocktails for a true taste of the islands. Contrary to its name, the place is calm and inviting.

"Sports FanAddicts"
Try the pizza and Blue Moon happy hour specials at Hawaii’s Sports FanAddicts

Sports FanAddicts Bar & Grill, Honolulu, Hi

As the name implies, this sports bar hosts every game or event on with the added bonus of truly outstanding food and awesome drink specials. The devoted followers come here and rave about the pizza and Blue Moon specials during happy hour, as well as the attentive staff. What’s great about this place is it’s never too crowded, which almost makes me reluctant to share it!

"Wang Chungs"
Karaoke and cheap drinks qualifies Wang Chung’s for Honolulu Bars with the Best Happy Hours

Wang Chung’s, Honolulu, Hi

Some visitors tout Wang Chung’s as a place for “the most fun you’ll ever have in Honolulu.” With karaoke and cheap drink specials, it’s hard to argue. Songs are free before 8 p.m., many of which are Japanese, and provide the bar with another type of island experience. Fun cocktails like key lime pie drinks and strawberry mojitos make this place a silly but memorable happy hour destination.

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"Hanks Cafe"
Daily drink specials at this happy hour make Hanks Cafe easy on the wallet

Hank’s Café Honolulu, Honolulu, Hi

To be honest, I’m a dive bar kind of person, and Hank’s Cafe serves this need for me perfectly without having to go down the overly saturated route of an Irish pub. Live music most nights, homey décor and a variety of patrons make it extra special and eclectic. Daily drink specials make it easy on the wallet, but happy hour prices bring it even lower. Experience a true game of musical chairs, as most of the patrons are there to hop up on stage at some point and share instruments. The musician’s network makes it a welcoming and ear-pleasing spot to end your day

After an early evening of sipping drinks, watching games or singing Japanese pop tunes, I like to make my way down Honolulu to any of the numerous Waikiki hotels. The lounges and restaurants located within offer up a new direction for cocktails or innovative cuisine. It’s no surprise that Waikiki is one of my favorite places to have just about any style of eating and drinking experience!

What are your favorite things to do in Honolulu, Hawaii?

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