Win 15 Day Trip to Peru

Posted by Nancy D. Brown I've written about Peru, attended trade shows about Peru and listened to Jim Kane Founder and President of Culture Xplorers talk passionately about his CX Weavers Awards in Peru, yet I haven't been there myself. If you've ever wanted to visit Peru and fancy yourself a writer, you have a [...]

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New Zealand with teens, Peru for runners and Kenwood’s Landmark Vineyards – What a Trip

s   Contra Costa Times Article Launched: 02/29/2008 03:18:20 AM PST Are your teens dreading the “F” word, as in family vacation?  Lafayette’s Ernie Furtado and Barbara Pelletreau recently returned from New Zealand with rave reviews.  “Both kid’s thanked me independently for taking them on this trip,” enthused Pelletreau.  “I would return in a heartbeat!” The family [...]

Vacation wonderland awaits in Galapagos, Machu Picchu and Napa Valley

  Contra Costa Times Article Launched: 02/01/2008 03:11:26 AM PST            Forget Costa Rica, South America’s Galapagos Islands and Peru’s Machu Picchu seems to be this year’s hot spots for Lamorinda travelers.  Craig and Margaret Isaacs, along with Campolindo’s Maureen & Eva, spent eight days at the Eco Hotel Finch Bay, with an all inclusive package.  Margaret described [...]

Spanish pilgrimage, Treking in Bhutan and Luxury Travel Expo – What a Trip

No one snoozed in the pews when visiting Santiago City’s church service.  “It was theatrical,” marveled Lafayette’s Marcia Linn.  “There were four monks harnessed in a basket that allowed them to work a pulley system to propel an incense burner filled with hot coals fifty feet into the air.  Every day we saw hundreds of [...]

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