Passports with Purpose 2011 Prizes

Help Passports with Purpose Build Libraries in Zambia, Africa Passports with Purpose 2011 It's back. Passports with Purpose  offers the easiest way to support a worthwhile cause and assist with your holiday shopping needs. This year the travel blogging community has banded together to promote reading. Passports with Purpose is celebrating their fourth [...]

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Spanish pilgrimage, Treking in Bhutan and Luxury Travel Expo – What a Trip

No one snoozed in the pews when visiting Santiago City’s church service.  “It was theatrical,” marveled Lafayette’s Marcia Linn.  “There were four monks harnessed in a basket that allowed them to work a pulley system to propel an incense burner filled with hot coals fifty feet into the air.  Every day we saw hundreds of [...]

Grandeur of Ethiopia well worth the effort

World traveler and Moraga resident Margaret Stithem entertained her fellow Planned Parenthood Auxiliary members at a meeting sharing slides from a recent trip to Ethiopia. This African adventure composed of 17 travelers was an Elder Hostel trip planned by Destination Horizons. They took the historic route to the Land of Queen of Sheba, visiting many [...]

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