Inspirational Travel Blogs

With travel blogs multiplying as fast as rabbits, it is an honor to have my writing recognized as inspirational and receive a blog award from my travel blogging peers. Laura and Cipri from Travelocafe have inspired me to travel to unique destinations and their photography makes me feel like I am on the travel road [...]

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Expedia Hosts Travel Blogger Day in Seattle, WA

Expedia Blogger Day While I'm not comparing Expedia President Scott Durchslag to Jerry Maguire, the sports agent in the 1996 film played by Tom Cruise, the phrase "help me, help you," did come to mind during our Monday afternoon meeting at Expedia corporate headquarters this December.  Expedia executives brought together travel bloggers from [...]

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How to Work with Travel Bloggers

How to work with travel bloggers - not a walk on the beach Working with travel bloggers as easy as online dating? While the title may sound arrogant, some might describe the world of travel blogging as yet uncharted territory. If only the relationship between travel bloggers and public relations professionals were as easy as online dating. Instead [...]

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