Manolo Blahnik sandals

Manolo Blahnik sandals

Manolo Blahnik Sandals Were Not Designed for Wide Feet

I can relate to how Goldilocks felt when she was picking out her bed at the Three Bear’s house. This one’s too hard, this one’s too soft, this one’s just right. I have a wide foot and a high arch. Not a lot of shoes fit my feet. And while I don’t have a fettish for Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals, it bums me out that my feet will never look good in sexy shoes.

Travel Writers Need Comfortable Walking Shoes

Fortunately, I’m not interviewing for a walk on part with Sex in the City. I’m going to Lucerne, Switzerland in May and I need some serious, comfortable walking shoes for this trip. With that in mind, I visited my local European shoe store and mentally prepared myself to spend some serious coin.

If The Shoe Fits

naot, sandals

Naot sandals for wide feet

I tried on the German-made Finn Comfort Shoe, but it was too narrow. I didn’t even bother with the Ecco brand. Finally, I had success with the Naot Cliff sandal in Java Nubuk. These Israel-made shoes are composed of natural Italian leather uppers and have a shock resistant, anatomical footbed, while the sole is made of rubber, polyurathaine and latex. I paid $189. for my new shoes. I also bought a pair of New Balance walking shoes that set me back $139.

My teenager says that my new shoes, ” are really not attractive.” Yet beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And while my walking shoes may not be coveted by my fashion-conscious daughter, they make my wide feet happy and THAT is the new sexy for me.  Do you have wide feet? What are your favorite walking shoes or sandals?

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