Kuru Shoes Travel Gear Review

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Travel shoes for wide feet

Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

For a traveler, nothing beats a pair of comfortable walking shoes that are easy to pack and suitable for hiking. If you also happen to have wide feet, I have found a shoe that I am happy to recommend.

100% Free Shoe Exchange Policy

Fellow travel blogger, Donna Hull of My Itchy Travel Feet had recommended Kuru womens  “Chicane” style shoe. I have a wide foot, so I was worried the anatomical footwear would not fit. I requested the mens “Chicane” shoe in size 7.5 and they fit perfect.

So ladies, don’t let a wide foot scare you off. Kuru Footwear comes in men’s and women’s shoe styles and they carry a 100% warranty, along with an easy shoe exchange policy.  Kuru understands that trying to get the right size shoe, when buying online, can be difficult. Kuru makes it easy. They pay standard shipping, both ways, on all shoe exchanges.

The Chicane men’s shoes have a suggested retail price of $99.97 and come in several colors.  I selected the olive color. The travel shoe performed well while rock climbing in Carmel’s Point Lobos State Reserve.

Kuru, chicane, footwear, travel, nancy d. brown
Kuru Shoes Travel Gear Review

Kuru – Consumer Empowered Sustainability

The folks at Kuru believe in giving back. With each pair of Kuru shoes purchased, the company allows the buyer to select which social/environmental cause a portion of your purchase will support. You may follow Kuru on Twitter @Kuru and follow Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on Twitter, too.

Kuru Footwear supplied me with these shoes for a travel gear for review.

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21 thoughts on “Kuru Shoes Travel Gear Review”

  1. Just walked the 3.5 miles down to my Montana mailbox and back in my Kuru shoes. They are good looking, as well as comfortable. Thanks for linking back to my Kuru review.

  2. Peter Thompson

    I recently purchased a pair of Kuru shoes size 13 . . . tried them out in my bedroom (hardwood floor) for 5 minutes and found them too big . . . sent them back to the company to exchange for a size 12 and they told me they couldn’t exchange them because they were worn . . . what a rip-off . . . watch out for these guys!

  3. @Peter, @Nancy. I had a similar incident with Kuru. From my experience their shoes run large and they will not admit it. I, too, have a nearly new pair of Kuru shoes that do not fit properly sitting in my closet. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Kuru.

  4. @Lucy
    Thank you for your comment. As I have a wide foot, I obviously didn’t have a problem with the Kuru shoe running large. I am sorry you did not have a positive experience with Kuru shoes. I hope the folks at Kuru shoes become aware of this problem.

  5. Nancy, thanks for this write-up. You have four pairs of Kuru, that’s Awesome! I wanted to chime in on the comments from those disappointed that their expectations were not met:

    @Peter Thompson. I found your order information and you returned your shoes and we issued a refund to your card. So, I’m not sure why you wrote that we wouldn’t return the shoes when in fact we did.

    @Lucy. Because you didn’t include your last name in your comment, I’m unable to track down your specific issue. However, we do offer free exchanges. If you found the shoes ran large, you should have contacted us prior to wearing them. (I presume since you said your shoes are “nearly new” that means you wore them out and about instead of exchanging them.)

    We try our best to help customers understand how our sizing runs. Sometimes, some of our shoes fit differently from each other. To help, we include our own fit notes along with displaying fit feedback from every customer who writes a review. This isn’t a perfect process, but that’s why we offer FREE exchanges for those times where the size isn’t quite right.

    For additional help, feel free to contact us at customers@kurufootwear.com

    KURU Guru

  6. @Rob
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your Kuru customer service contact information.
    As I said, I am very happy with my Kuru footwear – although I’m not sure why you think I have four pairs of Kuru – I wish!!

  7. Hello.

    I would like to know if there is an outlet in South Africa.I live in Durban which is in Kwa Zulu Natal.

    Thank you


  8. I want to say I have been very disappointed in my experience with Kuru. We followed the fit guide on the website and ordered my husbands shoes 1/2 size larger like it suggested. When we received them there was what looked like rubber glue on them along with a grey/white sticky matter that I could scrape off with my nail. They had white powder substance on the bottom. My husband was so excited to maybe get rid of his foot pain he thought he would try them on to see if they fit and walked in our home and to the neighbors house for a total of 45 min wear time. Guess what??? The fit guide was wrong and he should have ordered his actual size. I returned them for a exchange and they tell me “they are not in sellable condition” these were their words ….We would still like to offer you the options of keeping the shoes or returning them for a refund minus the 30 % restocking fee…really?? Well when we got them they were not in sellable condition! My husband and I have a large family with 5 kids one being diabetic….we saved 2 months for these shoes so he wouldn’t be in pain and could work. All we want is a even exchange for a size 9 and they won’t do it. Even stating the CEO examined them. Very very very disappointed in this company!

  9. @Carrie
    I’m sorry the shoes didn’t work out for you. While I do not represent Kuru and can not respond to how the shoes looked upon delivery, I can tell you that most companies will not accept returned shoes if they have been worn outside of the house. I also document products that were not delivered in pristine condition with photos as proof to accompany my return/exchange.

  10. I just ordered my first pair of Kuru shoes. Hopefully, they will be in new condition, and if they are not–I will be unhappy. Regarding Carrie’s post, I believe that these companies sometimes should bite the bullet and replace the shoes at no cost. If the company says to buy one half size larger, and then the shoe stretches and turns out to be too big, shouldn’t that be on the company? On the other hand, if the company will exchange at a 30 percent rate, not bad, but I’d still like to see the company err on the side of the consumer. Lose a customer forever or keep a customer forever.

  11. @Eugene
    I think we can all agree that we expect shoes ordered online to arrive in new condition. I hope you are happy with your Kuru shoes. I wrote this shoe review in April of 2011 and I’m still happy with my Kuru shoes. I agree with you that customer service is very important in retaining a customer for life.

    I can’t remember Carrie’s comment specifically, but I think everyone should be aware that no shoe company wants to except a product back once it has been worn outdoors. Both parties need to be reasonable when it comes to exchanging product. By the way, I will FOREVER be a fan of Coldwater Creek because of their “hassle-free” return policy.

  12. I tried 4 different pair of Kuru shoes…each pair came with a different defect. in the end it cost me over 25.00 to find out Kuru will Never fully refund your money. You will ALWAYS pay for return shipping if you ask for a refund. Additionally they will charge you a fee for being “worn” every time. I do NOT RECOMMEND this shoe company.

  13. @Sarah
    I’m so sorry to hear that you did not have a positive experience with Kuru. I was fortunate that my shoes fit the first time I tried them on. I love my Kuru’s as they fit my wide feet. As I mentioned to the other reader, always test drive your shoes INDOORS on carpet, otherwise, most companies will not accept returns as new. P.S. I don’t work for Kuru.

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