Waterproof Boots: Travel Gear Review

"Kamik" rain boot
Kamik waterproof boot review

Canadian-based Kamik goes green with recyclable, waterproof rain boots.

Kermit the frog may think that it’s not easy being green, but companies like family-owned, Canadian-based Kamik are committed to exercising sustainable practices throughout all lines of their outdoor footwear. In addition to producing a fashionable, waterproof boot, I liked that Kamik offers an environmentally-friendly recycling program. Boots worn out or you’ve moved onto another style? Send them back to the Montreal, Canada or Vermont plant and they’ll recycle your rubber boots.

Jenny waterproof boot

I selected the Jenny waterproof, rubber boot, as they looked sexy in black, (sexy rain boots?) yet offered durability. For my recent trip to Alaska I wanted a no-nonsense rubber boot with good traction that was easy to take on and off and would fit over or under my rain gear. While the boots only weighed 2.22 lbs. I travel using carry-on luggage; with that in mind, I opted to wear the Kamik boots on the airplane to Alaska. My feet were comfortable in regular socks, yet the size I selected allowed for a good fit with thick, moisture-wicking socks.

"Kamik" boots
Wearing my Kamik boots on Chichagof Island in Alaska
"Kamik" rubber boots
Exploring Alaska’s tide pools
"Kamik" boots "Alaska"
Searching for bear tracks in Alaska’s rain forest

Insider Tip

Originally, I thought I wanted the Jennifer boot, as the taller boot looked more stylish to me. But like Goldilocks and the three bears, I tried several pairs of Kamik boots and found the Jenny to be the proper height for my body and outdoor adventure travel plans.

At a height of 8 inches, I’ll be taking the JennyLo boots with me to Quebec, as these rain boots appeal to me for touring the Canadian countryside. Make sure to select the boot height that fits your needs.

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bear tracks "Alaska"
Bear tracks

What style of waterproof boots do you prefer?

Where to Buy

Kamik Boots

Suggested Retail Price: $59.99 check the website

Kamik boot photos and review written by Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip, Travels from Northern California. Kamik supplied me with this travel gear for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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