Waterproof Boots: Travel Gear Review

Kamik waterproof boot review Canadian-based Kamik goes green with recyclable, waterproof rain boots. Kermit the frog may think that it's not easy being green, but companies like family-owned, Canadian-based Kamik are committed to exercising sustainable practices throughout all lines of their outdoor footwear. In addition to producing a fashionable, waterproof boot, I liked that [...]

Sled Dog Ride in Fairbanks, Alaska

Chena Hot Springs Sled Dog in Fairbanks, Alaska You can hear the sled dogs barking before you reach the kennel. The sled dogs run circles frantically around their dog houses; some bark, while others wait patiently with eager anticipation. "Pick me! Pick me!" the sled dogs say with their piercing blue eyes, bushy wagging [...]

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