Sprawled on my yoga mat, looking up at the puffy white clouds streaming by, I experienced a surreal moment. Dreamlike, mixed with fantasy, I was floating on a small ship in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park, watching the world pass by. Suddenly, I was brought back to earth by the Wellness instructor’s soothing voice guiding the class to the next yoga pose. “Someone pinch me” I whispered to myself as I looked around the ship’s sundeck with Margerie Glacier coming into view on the starboard side.

yoga, "Safari Endeavour" cruise

Yoga on Safari Endeavour’s sundeck. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown


"Margarie Glacier" "Alaska"

Alaska’s Margerie Glacier. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown



After breakfast, fueled with piping hot oatmeal and a yogurt parfait, I was ready to head outside and take in Glacier Bay from the deck. Our 84-guest small ship, Safari Endeavour, had stopped at the Park Ranger Station by Bartlett Cove to pick up a temporary passenger. Park Ranger Naturalist Andrea Markell would be our guest of honor for the next two days sharing her knowledge of Alaska’s birds, wildlife, plants and geology that make up this living laboratory and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

"Un-Cruise Adventures" "Lamplugh" glacier

Kayaking Lamplugh Glacier with Un-Cruise Adventures. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown


Lamplugh Glacier

One of the absolute highlights of my Un-Cruise Adventure aboard Safari Endeavour was kayaking next to Lamplugh Glacier. Each night Expedition Guide Mark Hopkins explained the activities on offer the next day and his staff noted our interests as we gathered in the lounge. Like modified options in a yoga class, each activity was able to accommodate gentle, moderate and high-intensity fitness levels. I watched with awe as guests pushed the boundaries in their comfort zone and moved to new levels with each passing day.

For me, kayaking alongside Alaska’s Lamplugh Glacier on a bluebird morning was memorable in many ways. While I specialize in equestrian travel and consider myself an active adventure baby boomer, I feel more comfortable seated on a green broke horse than a sea horse kayak.

Paired with another beginner, my partner and I stepped into our two man kayak, and quietly slipped into the blue green water via the EZdock launch platform – an ingenious system unique to Un-Cruise Adventures that makes launching a kayak or stand-up paddle board a breeze.

Like baby ducklings, we closely paddled behind our Expedition Guide Megan Moran who gave us a run down of paddling 101 and cheered us on when we successfully demonstrated our newly-learned kayaking skills.

"Glacier Bay" "Alaska"

Alaska’s magic on Glacier Bay. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown


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