Pamplona Church Bells

  It was noon in Pamplona's Plaza de Castillo.  A cacaphony of bells exploded from every direction as if competiting for a mother's attention.  "Look at me.  My bells chime loudly."  In fact, the calamity was almost comical. Our Tour Guide, Francisco Glaria of Novotur Guides, had not only run with the bulls, (don't tell his mother) he had also [...]

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Mutiny in Bilbao

Titanium coated Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain In the former industrial city of 354,000 residents, Bilbao has transformed itself from the once ugly ogre to the dashing young prince of the Vizcaya Province. Once surrounded by cranes, container ships and sludge, the rejuvinated city straddled by the Nervion River, now offers public [...]

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San Sebastian; A culinary quest

Idiazabal cheese from San Sebastian, Spain. Photo © Nancy D. Brown I've never been asked to be a mule before. For you law-abiding citizens, a mule is a person who carries drugs for someone. In this case, I was asked to be a cheese mule. This was not your run-of-the-mill, Whole Foods, [...]

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Zaragoza to host Universal Exposition in 2008

 The 2008 banner hangs proudly from the administration building announcing the Zaragoza Universal Exposition, taking place June 14 until September 14 of next year, based on the theme of water and sustainable development.The 17th century, Moorish-influenced La Seo Cathedral looms above the Goya statue, Zaragoza's home town hero.  During our October visit the Espani [...]

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Gaudi; a man ahead of his time

 Spain (1852-1926) In his young life, Antoni Gaudi was the last kid picked on the team.  Not much is known of Gaudi's childhood except that he suffered from arthritis from the age of six.  Yet Gaudi turned this disability into a blessing for those of us who enjoy his works.  While he wasn't able to [...]

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