Pamplona Church Bells


 It was noon in Pamplona's Plaza de Castillo.  A cacaphony of bells exploded from every direction as if competiting for a mother's attention.  "Look at me.  My bells chime loudly."  In fact, the calamity was almost comical. 

Our Tour Guide, Francisco Glaria of Novotur Guides, had not only run with the bulls, (don't tell his mother) he had also survived the running of the bulls.  He shared a story with us about his grandmother who did not own a clock.  It seems that when she traveled from Pamplona, she was confused as to the time of day because the bells did not toll as in her reliable hometown.

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  1. Pamplona is undoubtedly most famous for the Running of the Bulls Fiesta, anyone visiting will soon realize this city has much more to offer. Hiring a car in this city is a must, the area of Spain around Pamplona holds so many treasures which should be explored during your stay.

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