Camel Ride, Swim with Whale Sharks – Things to Do in Los Cabos, Mexico

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Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, at the very point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, Los Cabos, Mexico is a destination that offers land and sea adventures.

Outback & Camel Safari Tour offers travelers a unique way to explore the Baja outback, complete with a beachside camel ride along the San Cristobal coastline. Brought to Los Cabos specifically for this new excursion, the camels have been trained by Sidi-Amar Taou of the Bedouin tribe of Niger, one of the last Nomadic tribes in existence. Approximately four hours in length, the tour also features a walking tour of the desert, where a guide educates the group on the native vegetation, flora and fauna of Baja Sur. The trip concludes with a traditional Mexican meal, complete with handmade tortillas, mole chicken, salsa and a tequila tasting.

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Swim with whale sharks in Los Cabos, Mexico

Swim with Whale Sharks in Los Cabos, Mexico

For the latest underwater excursion, Cabo Expeditions,  offers a chance for animal lovers and adventure-seekers to swim with the whale sharks. Whale sharks, known as “Gentle Giants of the Sea,” are the largest fish in the world. This  experience allows travelers to get up close and personal with these  creatures. Lasting a total of eight hours, this  tour includes round trip transportation from Los Cabos to La Paz Bay, bilingual and certified captains, marine biologists, federally licensed guides and a spotter plane to help find the best place to locate the whale sharks in their feeding grounds.

Each tour allows a maximum of 10 people  and currently runs daily from January through June. Check website for details.

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Scuba Divers swim next to a whale shark in Los Cabos, Mexico

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Los Cabos, Mexico

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