Sanuk Footwear Travel Gear Review

sanuk, flip flops, yoga mat, sandals
Sanuk Flip Flops photo © Nancy D. Brown

Play Footwear Word Game

Let’s play a word association game. It goes like this:

B is for Birkenstock = hippie sandal footwear

C is for Cowboy boot = hipster footwear

D is for dancer – ballerina flats

M is for Manolo Blahnik = fashionista footwear

N is for Nike = athletic footwear

S is for Sanuk – surfer dude flip flops, beach and surf sandal footwear

sanuk, sandals, surfer sandals, sidewalk surfers
Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers Sandals

Baby Boomer likes hip surfer sandals

So why is a boomer travel writer (that should clue you in on my age) sporting a pair of Donny Sanuk sidewalk surfer sandals? These surfer shoes are comfortable. I wore them on a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico while I was reviewing the upscale Marquis Los Cabos Resort. Turns out that my private butler at Marquis Los Cabos – I told you this place was swanky – enjoys surfing when he is not working. He, too, has a pair of Sanuks.

I asked him how a private butler from Los Cabos, Mexico knew about Southern California-based Sanuk beach and surf sandals. He shared with me that he read about Sanuk sandals in surf magazines.

Sanuk footwear – the  ideal beach travel shoe

My Sanuk flip flops – made from real yoga mats – and Donny sidewalk surfer sandals are the perfect travel gear. They are lightweight, easy to pack and the Sanuk sandals dress up attire when flip flops are not enough.

Did I mention that Sanuk is the Thai word for fun? And who doesn’t like fun? The folks at Sanuk believe in giving back and sponsor surfers and rock climbers.  You may follow Sanuk on Twitter @SanukFootwear and follow Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on Twitter, too.

sanuk flip flops, yoga mat, sandals
Sanuk flip flops with yoga mat webbing. Photo © Nancy D. Brown

If You Go:

Pack your Sanuk footwear. They pack flat and don’t take up much room. Better yet, wear them on the airplane. They slip on and off easily going through airport security and while you are seated on the airplane.

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Sanuk supplied me with this travel gear for review.

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