Aqua Marina SUP Review: Stand Up Paddle Review

Are you interested in owning a Stand Up Paddleboard, but not sure which SUP is right for you? In this Aqua Marina SUP review I answer all the questions I wanted to know before I made my decision for a quality Stand Up Paddleboard. By the way, I’m Nancy D. Brown’s daughter, Kendall. Let me know if you have questions about my Aqua Marina stand up paddle review.

Kendall Brown kneels on Aqua Marina SUP board while holding her paddle in Suttle Lake, Oregon. Her Golden Retriever dog sits on the pink paddleboard in front of her.
Aqua Marina Coral Stand Up Paddlleboard

Why are Stand Up Paddleboards popular?

My husband and I recently relocated to Central Oregon and we could not wait to get out on the water this summer. If you go to any body of water – lake, river, or ocean – you will be hard pressed NOT to see a paddle board! Stand up paddle boards (SUP’s) are all the rage and for good reason. They are extremely versatile and are my absolute favorite way to enjoy the water.

Bend, Oregon is famous for its Deschutes River Float. The river gets unbelievably packed in the summer months. Most people opt for a leisurely float with inner tubes. However, true locals know that it’s a much better experience with a paddle board. If you paddle a little bit upstream instead of following the herd, not only can you get a little bit of an arm workout in, but you can essentially have the river to yourself! There is nothing better than laying down on your Aqua Marina paddle board and soaking up the sun.

Kendall Brown is 5' 2" tall and carries her Aqua Marina SUP, with carrying case, from the car to the beach by herself. She is standing with her paddleboard, before assembled, at Suttle Lake in Central Oregon.
Weighing 19 pounds the SUP is easy to carry and comes with a carry case

Is the Aqua Marina SUP easy to transport?

I love this inflatable SUP because it is super easy to transport. You don’t have to waste time getting ready. The Aqua Marina Coral SUP comes with a comfortable, lightweight backpack that takes up minimal space in the car or truck. Weighing 19 pounds, and with a neoprene carry handle, I can carry the paddleboard myself.

Aqua Marina SUP Review

How long does the Stand Up Paddle take to set up?

Wondering how long this board takes to set up? The Aqua Marina Coral SUP can be inflated in less than 5 minutes! You don’t need any fancy gadgets, power outlets or batteries to get going. The manual hand pump is very easy to use. Watch my Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddle review YouTube video for assembly instructions.

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Michael MacPherson inflates the Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddleboard in minutes using the manual pump that is included with purchase. He is standing with SUP in the campground at Suttle Lake in Central Oregon.
Michael MacPherson inflates the Aqua Marina SUP Coral in minutes

What is the max weight recommended for this Stand Up Paddleboard?

The load capacity of the Aqua Marina SUP is about 230 pounds. It’s perfect for women (and a cute pup)!

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Kendall Brown standing on her Aqua Marina SUP board with her Golden Retriever on Suttle Lake in Central Oregon. She is holding her SUP paddle on her pink colored board.
Kendall Brown and her dog on a stand up paddleboard in Central Oregon

Is Stand Up Paddle boarding difficult to learn?

Is it hard to get on and off the board? Not at all! I am not an experienced paddle boarder, as I have only been a handful of times but I find that this SUP is very intuitive. It’s pretty stable, providing a smooth paddling experience, and is easy to mount and dismount. It glides away from the shore with a simple push. You can begin on your stomach and transition to paddling on your knees or go straight to standing.

What size SUP board should I buy?

People ask, what size SUP should I get for my height? Aqua Marina offers several different sizes of stand up paddleboards, in addition to durable inflatable kayaks. The Coral is a great paddle board for all heights, but it is specifically designed for women. This particular SUP is 10 feet and 2 inches and the height of the paddle is easily adjustable. I am 5′ 2″ and my husband is 6′ 4″ and we both have a great time taking turns using it.

We like paddle boarding a lot. In fact, we are considering getting a second SUP board so we don’t have to share! My father prefers his inflatable kayak. He claims his kayak is easier to paddle.

How long does the Aqua Marina SUP take to deflate?

How long does it take to deflate and put away this SUP? Some paddle boards are a pain to put away but not this SUP. It deflates in seconds and easily rolls back up into its carrier bag. We really like that no roof rack is required for this paddle board.

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What’s included with this Stand Up Paddleboard?

This SUP comes inside a carrying backpack along with a hand pump, adjustable paddle, fin, safety leash and carry strap. There is a bungee cord stopper on the front of the SUP for your dry bag (not included.) There are extra stainless steel D-rings on the deck pad if you purchase the optional seat.

The inflatable SUP can be taken on flat water or small waves

How much does this stand up paddle board cost? This SUP model suggested retail price is $599 which is a great deal for this lightweight, maneuverable paddle board. Aqua Marina paddleboards come in many different sizes and colors.

Beginning paddle boarders may start paddling on their knees with the assistance of the SUP paddle. Kendall Brown is kneeling on her Aqua Marina Coral paddle board in Suttle Lake, Central Oregon

Pro tip: If you’re looking for ultimate flexibility, I’d recommend investing in a seat to go with your paddle board. A seat would provide added back support and comfort. You could dangle your feet in the water or keep your feet on the board and stay completely dry. There is a concert venue here in Central Oregon that is right near the river. If you have a paddle board, you could take a seat and can hear the music out on the water for free – best seat in the house!

Kendall Brown holding Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddle next to Suttle Lake in Sisters, Oregon


Disclaimer: Aqua Marina SUP review, video and all photography by active adventure travel writer Nancy D. Brown. Aqua Marina supplied me with this inflatable Stand Up Paddle board for test review purposes; however all opinions are my own.