Ames Walker Travel Socks – Travel Apparel Review

"Ames Walker travel socks"
Ames Walker Travel Sock Review

Travel overseas often? Think deep vein thrombosis (DVT) only strikes senior citizens? Think again.

“The myth about DVT is that it is more likely to strike the elderly or those with poor health,” said Paul Amatangelo, support hosiery specialist for However, recent  science is indicating that those in better than average health, for instance marathon runners, are at great risk.”

On a red eye flight from San Francisco International airport to Miami, Florida, I wore a pair of Travel Socks, style 167. I put them on in the morning and didn’t take them off until I had boarded the Crown Princess cruise ship 24 hours later.

The medically-correct socks, like graduated compression legwear, apply decreasing pressure from the ankle to the knee, forcing blood to the leg’s deep veins. The idea behind the socks is to promote blood flow in the legs, prevent leg swelling and reduce the chance of blood clot formation in a DVT.

I wore the travel socks on the flight from SFO and didn’t have any problems with the comfort of the sock, although they were tight fitting. A  Dress/Trouser Microfiber Knee Sock, style 136 in beige were tried on the return flight from Miami to SFO. In this instance, I’d only had the socks on for six hours and yet I was painfully aware of these socks. The socks felt as though they were squeezing my skin like sausage being squeezed into its casing. I had actual welt marks on my skin around the knee area.

"Ames Walker Microfiber sock"
Ames Walker Microfiber Travel Sock Review

Both pair of the Microfiber Firm Support Travel Socks were the same size, so I’m not sure why the beige pair were so uncomfortable. I e-mailed the company and they explained that compression levels for each pair of socks are different – the Travel Socks have a moderate level of 15-20, while the Micro Fiber Socks had a firm level of 20-30. I tried the same Microfiber Support Sock in level 15-20 and while it was more comfortable, I ended up removing my socks mid-flight because the band at the top was again leaving a deep indentation on one of my legs.

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While these travel socks have merit, it is crucial that you have a travel sock that fits your compression level. Like Goldilocks looking for her perfect fitting bed, I had difficulties finding the perfect sock for my long-haul flight.


The company has developed a podcast of upper body and leg exercises to help prevent blood clots from forming during extended air travel. The MP3 podcast is no longer available.

What tips do you have for long haul airplane travel?

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  1. Something that may have also contributed to the deep indentation in your legs is an incorrect sock size.I obviously have no idea what your legs look like but it is recommended that if you happen to have large calves you should go the next sock size up – otherwise it can get really uncomfortable.I’m not sure how much this would effect the compression fit when going up a sock size, but i am quietly confident it should work just as well as wearing the other sock size.I have an article on my blog that might help you to find the right sock size for your foot.

  2. @Frank Thank you for your sock sizing suggestion. I actually did go up a sock size on one pair and it made the difference. Finding the proper sock size is key to a good fit.

  3. Moriah B. Chandler

    Very good post. Being a diabetes patient, I have been prescribed to wear diabetic socks due to some of its characteristics. It acts as a catalyst that improves blood circulation, oxygen level and maintains body temperature. I have once tried travel socks but then never really worn it because I hardly travel. But yes, one thing I must admit, these socks improve the feeling of overall wellness.

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