Things to See and Do in Meyronne, Dordogne Valley, France

la terrasse, castle, dordogne valley, meyronne, france
Sleep in a castle in Dordogne Valley. Photo © Nancy D. Brown

Meyronne – charming French village in the south of France

If you are looking for cobblestones, friendly French people and a castle by a river, I have just the place for you in the Midi-Pyrénées region of southern France. Meyronne is a charming French village in the south of France. Meyronne is perfectly situated for a visit to the Dordogne Valley and a great base for hiking, horseback riding, canoeing and enjoying the Dordogne river.

Meyronne has a beautiful chapel classified as a “historical monument,” a campsite and a hotel-restaurant called La Terrasse with wonderful views over the river, a perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

french cheese, la terrasse, meyronne, france
Regional French cheese. Photo © Nancy D. Brown

What Makes The Dordogne French Cheese Plate Special?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the French Paradox? Somehow the French people have low incidents of coronary heart disease, while being able to enjoy rich, creamy butter, fresh cheeses, foie gras and macaroons. Is it true that red wine decreases the incidence of cardiac diseases? I’ll leave those questions to the scientific community.

I will say that the French know how to enjoy good food and wine. I credit my appreciation of the Dordogne French cheese plate to my visit to Meyronne, France.

One of my favorite meals during my tour of France’s Midi-Pyrénées region was at La Terrasse while looking out onto the Dordogne river.  I will always remember this place, as this is where I learned of the French cheese cart and the wonders of local cheeses. Sure, I have tasted cheese from Gruyere, Switzerland and Spain’s Basque cheese called Idiazabal – all excellent regional cheeses, but Rocamadour goat cheese is something special.

beef, ravioli, la terrassee, meyroone, france, dordogne valley
Beef with ravioli foie gras and regional vegetables served at La Terrasse. Photo © Nancy D. Brown

Dining in France’s Dordogne Valley

As we were ushered out to the patio for dinner, the view of the Dordogne valley embraced us.  It is clear that the food, from meat to produce, is locally sourced. The colors of the carrots, peas and asparagus pop on the plate. The garden fresh flavors, along with local beef, ravioli foie gras, regional wines and cheese make this dinner a standout in my Midi-Pyrénées travels.

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kayak, canoe, dordogne river, meyronne, france
Kayaks and canoes by Dordogne River, Meyronne, France © Nancy D. Brown

If You Go:

Canoeing: Port Loisirs ( 05 65 32 27 59)

Copeyre Canoës (05 65 32 72 61)

Safaraid (05 65 37 44 87)

Climbing, caving, biking: Port Loisirs (05 65 32 27 59)

Camping : La Plage ( 05 65 32 23 26)

Eating/Sleeping: La Terrasse (05 65 32 21 60)

Thanks to Atout France, Dordogne Valley Tourism Board and Midi-Pyrenees Regional Tourism for assistance with this post. Photos and YouTube video courtesy of Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown.

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  1. Meyronne looks so perfect for us, couple. It’s a fully packed tourist visit. Great locations and delicious food.

  2. I agree with Nancy. I and wife enjoyed our visit in France just last month. My wife told me it was the most romantic place she’d ever had. Now, we’re planning to celebrate Xmas there!

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