Summer Travel Gear and Apparel Reviews

I first learned about  SlipIns SurfSkins & GymSkins during a visit to Conejo Valley, California. A friend’s mom had invented a waterproof unitard that was designed to be worn under wetsuits, thus the ability to “slip in” and serve as a second skin between the body and the wetsuit. I thought this was a clever idea, but not being a surfer, I wondered how this travel apparel would work for an active adventure baby boomer.

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I have mentioned previously that I participate in daily deep water aerobics classes. In Northern California where I live, this is a year round exercise class held in an outdoor pool. Granted, we don’t swim surrounded in snow, but sometimes the water is not so warm. I’ve been wearing my “GymSkin” to class for the added layer of warmth that it provides and the skin offers 60+  spf protection,  a big topic of conversation for the skin cancer conscious traveler.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing the gymskin to anywhere besides the gym or yoga class, you can always pair it with a loose tank top over it, or wear it with a cute little skirt. I wear my GymSkin to the pool for the added spf protection. The gymskin in Blue Feather retails for $130 on their website.  In the picture below, I’m wearing the gymskin in the Blue Feather color to match my TUSA Diving Mask. This diving mask, utilizing my glasses prescription, was made by Goggles n More.

TUSA diving mask, prescription diving mask, goggles n more
If you can’t read this, you might need TUSA Prescription Diving Mask from Goggles n More

The TUSA M28 diving mask with single vision Rx lenses fitted takes about 3-5 weeks production time as both lenses and mask come from Europe. If you know that you need prescription glasses for your diving or snorkeling vacation, I recommend you get this dive mask. The company also makes custom-tailored lenses to match wearer’s prescription swim goggles for adults, babies & toddlers, as well as prescription sport glasses and sunglasses and skiing and snowboarding active eyewear.

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The TUSA M28 Geminus prescription diving mask, in blue, retails for $65. check the website for current pricing.

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Slim Snack Reusable Snack Packs

Green Snacks

With my recent hip replacement surgery, I’ve been cruising around with my walker. I keep healthy snacks in my basket to keep me fueled as I recover from this common joint replacement operation. I discovered Slim Snack Reusable Snack Packs. The reusable Silicone airtight lids are leakproof and hold a 1/4 cup serving of trail mix, granola, a couple of cheese sticks or carrots and celery. They also make drip-free ice pops and the colorful containers make great lunch box additions. I like the green-friendly containers.

The Greenlawn, New York-based company, GreenPaxx, sells the 4 pack snack packs for $13.95.

Article written by and photos courtesy of Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip, Travels from Northern California. Thanks to @SlipinSkins, @GogglesnMore and  @GreenPaxx for supplying me with this travel gear and fashion products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.