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It’s not often that you meet a hotel manager while cruising on a small ship through Alaskan waters. In fact, I had no idea that the role of hotel manager existed on the high seas. Yet when you think about an 84-guest passenger ship, it really should be considered a floating boutique hotel. For those curious to learn what it’s like sailing the high seas, read on for my UnCruise small ship review.

"Safari Endeavour" crew
The crew of Safari Endeavour. Photo © Nancy D. Brown


I was one of 84 guests to experience an UnCruise Adventure aboard Safari Endeavour while exploring Alaska and Glacier Bay National Park. The 232 foot luxury vessel Safari Endeavor is UnCruise Adventures top-of-the-line small ship. Similar to an all-inclusive resort, meals, alcohol, airport transfers to and from the ship, as well as all shore excursions are included in the price of the adventure. Something else that is included in the price of the cruise; one complimentary massage per person. You won’t find that at any luxury hotel!

"Safari Endeavour" stateroom
Commander Stateroom #318. Photo © Nancy D. Brown

Uncruise stateroom


Like the television show Fantasy Island, passengers are individually shown to their staterooms (offering five accommodation types) and sparkling wine awaits guests in the main lounge. The crew is friendly, energetic, knowledgeable and professional. From expedition leaders to waitstaff, wellness instructors and Safari Endeavour Captain Barrett Whitten, the mindset is “how may we make your experience unforgettable?” The goal of UnCruise – un-plug, un-wind, un-stress.

My stateroom on the third floor deck featured two single berths, a desk and chair, full-length closet, as well as several cabinets and drawers. The bathroom was small, but clean and functional. I loved coming back to my cozy room after an expedition and reading a book while the scenery passed by.

"Safari Endeavour" "Philip Bley"
Safari Endeavour Chef Philip Bley. Photo © Nancy D. Brown


UnCruise Small Ship Review: Uncruise Dining


After touring the small ship’s all electric galley kitchen, I have new respect for preparing hot meals for 80+ passengers in one sitting. The pastry chef worked her magic throughout the 7 day voyage and the executive chef prepared fresh Alaska salmon, as well as rack of lamb, among other menu items while sailing along Glacier Bay National Park.

“Our food service is based around the expeditions,” said UnCruise Hotel Manager Kathy Madison. “The guests come to experience southeast Alaska. Our role is to support that adventure.”


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"Kathy Madison" "Safari Endeavour"


UnCruise Adventures Insider Tip
For anyone concerned about food allergies or special dietary needs, UnCruise aims to please. Notes are kept in the kitchen with any special requests from guests, as well as birthday or special occasion celebrations. I also took advantage of the healthy snacks and granola bars available 24/7 for guests to enjoy in the lounge. I travel with my own water bottle, but the hotel staff had placed eco-friendly water bottles, as well as binoculars in each stateroom.

"Alaska" salmon
Fresh Alaska salmon. Photo © Nancy D. Brown


I’ve had the pleasure of sailing on UnCruise small ships in Alaska, as well as Oregon and Washington on their Rivers of Adventure cruise. The Seattle-based company cruises to exotic locations in Latin America, Mexico’s Sea of Cortes and Hawaii, among others. With their focus on nature and wildlife, I’d follow their boutique yachts and small ships anywhere!


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If You Go:

UnCruise Adventures (888) 862-8881
3826 18th Ave
W. Seattle, Washington 98119

UnCruise small ship review written by and photos courtesy of Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip, Travels from Northern California. Kathy Madison photo courtesy UnCruise. I was a guest of UnCruise Adventures, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. We also enjoyed our Un-Cruise adventure in Alaska last summer. Relaxing, invigorating, educational and FUN! The staff was wonderful, the rooms were very adequate, the food was delicious and the excursions on the skiffs were exciting. Getting up close and touching the icebergs, watching them calve so close you could feel the waves from the ice collapsing. Just a very special time. You should do it!!

  2. @Tandy
    I have recently returned from Molokai, Hawaii on a land-based trip. My understanding is that Un-Cruise visits Halawa Valley and talks story with the locals. I’m sure it will be very educational and fun! Aloha.

  3. We just returned this weekend from a week long cruise with Un-Cruise Adventures on the Columbia and Snake Rivers in Oregon on the same ship. I agree with your description of the ship as a small boutique hotel, which I had not even considered! The ship is so comfortable and the crew is absolutely wonderful. The massage was such a nice and unexpected bonus! They are actually adding another massage room while the ship is in dry dock this winter so they will be able to accommodate more passengers. We loved every minute of the cruise and if you have never been to Oregon like us, it’s a great introduction to the area.

  4. @Jan
    Our daughter recently moved to Oregon. It would be fun to experience the Columbia and Snake Rivers with Un-Cruise Adventures. I am a fan for life!

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