Lonely Planet’s How To Be A World Explorer Book Review

Lonely Planet’s How To Be A World Explorer, making learning about the wilderness fun for kids.

Lonely Planet has long been a trusted name in travel guides and guidebooks. However, Lonely Planet isn’t just for adults. They have a whole range of books that are “not for parents,” with the goal of educating children about the world in a fun and entertaining fashion.

From Lonely Planet’s “Not For Parents” series comes How To Be A World Explorer, a children’s book that aims to teach some wilderness survival skills in a way that will make children want to learn.

Age-appropriate travel books

How to be a World Explorer includes content that, according to one parent, is spot on for elementary school-aged children. The information in the book is presented in a way that is educational but not boring.

 According to the experts

When it comes to children’s books, the best sources for reviews are children themselves. “What I liked about the book How To Be A World Explorer was that it taught me about the wilderness and how to camp in certain places and only drink pure water, where to hike and how to start a campfire. It taught me about air, polar, desert, jungle, and forest explorations (and everything in between). I absolutely loved this book.”

In fact, Patrick enjoyed the book so much that he became a boy scout so he could apply the skills he read about. If the mark of a good book is making children reach outside their comfort zone and try new things, then How To Be A World Explorer can be considered a success.

"World Explorer" book review
Patrick’s travel book review: Lonely Planet’s How to Be a World Explorer

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Lonely Planet provided me with this travel book for review purposes.

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  1. Very interesting!
    I’ll buy the book.It has happened on many trips with my family, the kids were bored because they did not have at hand the play station!They need to know that discovering other places and cultures can be as fun as the play station.

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