Lonely Planet’s Extreme Planet Book Review

Lonely Planet’s Extreme Planet, not for parents!

Extreme Planet is Lonely Planet’s recently released follow up to the best-selling Not-For-Parents Travel Book.

Intended for kids, Extreme Planet  takes readers through the planet’s “most extreme” superlatives: longest, oldest, tallest, widest, hottest, etc.

Travel book for children

As this travel book is written for children, I decided to get my book review from the target audience. My eight-year-old neighbor, Seamus, read the book Extreme Planet, and gave me his thoughts.

Seamus loved reading Extreme Planet and enjoyed the book’s unique and extreme pictures, especially one of a man riding an ostrich. He also enjoyed learning some of the extreme facts about our planet and its people.

Getting kids to read books

Getting kids to read is not always the easiest task, but Seamus showed no resistance to delving in to Extreme Planet. The travel book was fun for kids and adults, as Seamus and his father both enjoyed the quality time reading together allowed them.

The downside of  Extreme Planet; some of the words in the travel book were beyond the scope of an eight-year-old’s vocabulary, but this is just another opportunity to learn.

Extreme Planet comes highly recommended by both an eight-year-old boy and his father, and for a children’s travel book, this is high praise indeed.

Seamus reviews Extreme Planet, a travel book for kids.

If You Go:

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Lonely Planet supplied me with this travel book for review purposes.

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  1. I can vouch for the fact that the Not for Parents books are great, according to A Traveler’s Library’s family travel contributor, Jennifer Close. She says her kids grabbed one and were independently planning the family trip. Good for you getting a kid’s point of view.

  2. @Vera Marie
    Thanks for your comment. Indeed, his 11-year-old brother will be writing the next Lonely Planet book review. The kid’s eat these books up!

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