Giving Thanks for Wild Turkeys

This is not a story about my amazing trip to Turkey. In fact, I have yet to visit Turkey, but it is on my travel destination list. This is a post about giving thanks for our wild turkeys in California.

turkey, wild turkey, california
Giving thanks for wild turkeys. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown

My husband and son are hunters. Now let’s not get upset. I like Bambi just as much as the next Disney movie fan. Here in California, hunting is legal during specific seasons and my husband and son are licensed hunters and follow the California fish and game rules and regulations. All of the deer and elk meat our family consumes is hormone-free and truly organic. The same can be said of our duck, pheasant and turkey. However, I will not be serving wild turkey this Thanksgiving dinner.

Truth be told, organic turkey purchased from our local grocery store tastes much better than wild California turkey. In my opinion wild turkey is tough and not very tasty. So rest easy wild turkeys of Northern California. You are still safe in our backyard!

turkey, wild turkey, california
Attack turkey! Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown

Count your blessings wild turkeys and Happy Thanksgiving!

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