Father’s Day Travel Gift Guide

What to get the dad who has everything? I have put together the ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads who love to travel. By the way, you don’t have to be a father to shop this travel gift guide or take advantage of the discount codes that I’ve included. Below are camping gift ideas, backpacks that double as carryon luggage, gifts for cooks, hammocks and travel apparel.

Tortuga Backpack the father's day gift guide
Nancy D. Brown with Tortuga Backpack while camping in Oregon.

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads

Hate paying checked baggage fees when you travel? Or perhaps you travel by way of trailer, float plane or train? No matter your preferred form of transportation, the Tortuga Backback is a good travel backpack to include on a Father’s Day gift guide for Dads. I always prefer soft-sided luggage because I often find myself in a float plane or traveling in our trailer. My husband and son also prefer softsided luggage. With the Tortuga backpack we can pack light and go further.

The Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack serves as a large carryon bag with premium features, but wears like a backpack. With a removable hip belt, the backpack also includes a chest strap and YKK zippers – the best zipper in the business. I like that the bag only weighs 5.1 lbs. yet it holds enough clothes for a week of travel. Additionally, it includes a 17 inch laptop sleeve, separate tablet sleeve and side pockets for water bottles.

If your dad, husband, brother or grandfather prefers active adventure travel, White Sierra, a Northern California based company, offers travel apparel with InsectShield Permethrin embedded into the clothing. I like wearing Permethrin treated clothes a lot better than spraying on Deet when the mosquitoes swarm in Alaska and the outdoor wear offers UPF 30 sun protection. You’ve heard the story Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears? Well, the mosquitoes will still buzz, but they won’t bite when you’re wearing clothes treated with InsectShield.

grand trunk hammock, hammock
Grand Trunk Hammock

We purchased a travel trailer and as we are empty nest travelers, we are able to take advantage of hitting the open road during off season. One thing I have learned about enjoying the great outdoors is that we needed a good quality hammock. Grand Trunk travel hammocks are made of strong and colorful parachute nylon material. With their trunk straps (sold separately), the single and double hammock are able to go everywhere and they come in a rainbow of stylish colors. Even surfer Jamie O’Brien offers his own custom Grand Trunk hammock. Gift dad some serious swing time in the trees!

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swampbutt underwear, travel underwear, travel apparel, underwear
SwampButt Underwear

How to Dress Dad – Father’s Day Travel Guide Guide

My husband is a hunter; sometimes he’s deep in the woods for days at a time. I think he’ll like SwampButt Underwear because it wicks away moisture and the name is hilarious! Currently, his new favorite travel underwear are Shinesty boxer briefs. Yes, my son loves Shinesty briefs, too. These comfortable underwear sport lions, tigers, deer and eagles on them, among other pictures and patterns.

outfox field guard, foxtail protection for dogs, dog head net, dog
OutFox Field Guard

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Pet Owners

Living in Northern California, and now Oregon, we are blessed with beautiful country to walk our Labrador Retriever. Unfortunately, we live in foxtail country and have had two of our dogs experience a foxtail up the nose. Not only is this a painful experience for the dog, it’s painful on our wallet. Pet owners now have a solution for this problem with Field Guard, a mesh net that fits over the dog’s head to keep foxtails from entering the dog’s nose, ears or eyes. The inventor of Field Guard, Diane Kostelec, lives in Contra Costa County and came up with a solution to a costly and scary problem for dogs and dog owners.

“Here in California, it will save the vacation if their dog is protected wearing the Field Guard because they won’t have to take a “side trip” to the emergency vet for a foxtail problem,” said Field Guard inventor Diane Kostelec. “If the trip is to Minnesota, or Ontario, or Alaska, the Field Guard will keep the dog comfortable because the flies, gnats and mosquitoes won’t bother the dogs eyes and ears. Also, Dad won’t have to worry about his dog scavenging – getting into things like poison mushrooms in unfamiliar terrain. Of course if the Dad is a social type, people will stop him and ask what his dog is wearing because the Field Guard is such an unusual looking garment.”

weBoost rv cell signal booster, travel gear, rv cell signal booster

Father’s Day Gift Guide for RV or Trailer 

Whether you travel in a recreational vehicle, trailer or your car, it’s important to have the proper gear. We don’t go anywhere without packing a durable cooler, portable barbecue, grilling items, backpacks and hammocks. Below are a few more items for your Father’s Day Gift Guide check list.

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Bear Butt Hammock with dog by river.
Nancy and Nala hanging by the river in Bear Butt Hammock.

In addition to Grand Trunk hammock, I’ve discovered Bear Butt Hammocks. The Bear Butt double hammock is essential for every Father’s Day Gift Guide for dads and grads. The lightweight double hammock is durable, yet can hold two people and support up to 500 pounds. The Kodiak Straps are sold separately, but worth the additional purchase as it makes hammock assembly super quick and easy. Both Bear Butt hammock and Kodiak Straps come in their own convenient stuff sacks for organized campers. If you can swing it financially, I recommend keeping a hammock in your car, truck and recreational vehicle. It’s a wonderful day when you can pull over, walk into the woods and hang a hammock. FYI, it goes without saying that you should never hang a hammock on private property or in a fragile or dangerous location where you might cause harm to the trees or yourself.

Can you hear me now? We’ve all heard that dreaded question when talking on our cell phone. Just in time for summer travel, weBoost launched Drive 4G-X RV Signal Booster, an in-vehicle cell phone signal booster. How it Works: The external antenna reaches out to access cellular signal and delivers it to the booster. The booster amplifies the signal and serves as the relay between the phone and the nearest cell tower. As a result, mobile devices receive stronger signals that are fed through the booster back to the network. The product is designed to give RV owners better cell phone call quality, faster downloads and uploads with fewer lost connections and dead zones when on (and off) the road. The RV cell signal booster retails for $499.99 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

yeti tundra cooler, yeti cooler, yeti premium cooler, father's day travel gift guide
Yeti coolers are built for tall tales & epic adventures

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Outdoors

My husband (and our son) love the Yeti cooler. I have to admit, that after taking this cooler along on our maiden voyage in our travel trailer, I’m a Yeti fangirl, too. The company makes drinkwear and travel gear, but it’s the Yeti cooler that sets the bar high for premium coolers. As the company states, the Yeti ice chest is built for tall tales and epic adventures. With it’s extra thick walls & insulation, the ice melts very slow, keeping drinks and food cold. Best of all, the rotomolded construction means you can sit or stand on it while fishing in Alaska and the lid won’t cave it. And did I mention that these coolers are bear-proof – full disclosure, I should say bear resistant. Our son was working in King Salmon, Alaska this summer and he saw what damage bears can do to coolers. Crossing our fingers that we have a (Yeti) cooler full of fish to bring home in August. UPDATE: The soft sided Yeti Hopper Two didn’t make it to Alaska in time for my review, but we did ship home plenty of Alaska silver salmon. You may read my Yeti Hopper Two Cooler Review here.

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Searbq griddle & press works with your gas grill.
Searbq barbecue griddle and press

We find ourselves using the barbecue for the majority of our dinners when we go camping. I should clarify that my husband does the majority of the barbecuing. The Searbq griddle and press is the newest addition to our travel trailer. We didn’t necessarily find that it speeded up our cooking time, but it did seal in the juices when we grilled fish and chicken. We’ll be taking the Searbq with us to try out on our portrable Weber barbecue.

What are your favorite Father’s Day gifts for Dad? The ultimate Father’s Day travel gift guide was written by Nancy D. Brown. Article and photos courtesy of Nancy D. Brown. Some of the products referenced above were provided to me for purposes of review. All opinions regarding products from the travel gift guide are my own. Please check the websites for current pricing.