Travelrest 4-in-1 Travel blanket – Travel Gear Review

"Travelrest blanket"
Travelrest 4-In-1 Travel Blanket – Travel Gear Review

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With airlines cutting costs all around, does it ever make you wonder if you should really use that airline-issued blanket? Did that blanket really get cleaned on that last flight or was it simply re-packaged?

Perhaps I’m a bit jaded with the frequent flyer miles that I have racked up. I don’t use airline ice in my bottled water, typically bring my own food on the flight and carry-on my suitcase whenever possible to avoid lost luggage. That being said, I was happy to review the Travelrest 4-In-1 Travel blanket on a recent overnight flight from San Francisco to Paris, France.

Travelrest 4-in-1 Travel blanket

Traveling comfortably can often be at odds with traveling light – turning that small plane, train or car seat into a cocoon of rest and relaxation can mean lugging around pillows and blankets in addition to luggage. The Travelrest travel blanket is a handy, portable and comfortable solution. Made of soft and durable micro fleece, this poncho-style blanket keeps your hands free and gives shoulder-to-ankle coverage without worrying about the blanket slipping down mid-trip. The Travelrest blanket can also be folded up into its built-in carrying case, transforming into a pillow for head, neck or lumbar support. Available in beige or blue colors.

Travel blanket features:

  • Poncho style blanket designed to cover shoulders during travel
  • Built in carry case for easy transport
  • Micro fleece
  • Multiple uses for head, neck and lumbar support
  • Designed for plane travel, train travel, car travel and home use

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What are your favorite “must-have” travel items?

If You Go:


Suggested retail of Travelrest blanket $24.95

HiGear Design supplied me with this travel product for review.

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