Celebrating Independence Day in USA

"Fourth of July" parade
Celebrating Independence Day in USA

To some people the Fourth of July means barbecues and fireworks displays. To others, July Fourth means street parades, military celebrations and commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, celebrating independence day in the USA. Our neighborhood brings out the barbecues and picnic tables after our two minute bike parade. However you celebrate independence day, give thanks for living in the USA.

kids, bikes "July Fourth"
Kids on bikes, July Fourth

Getting ready to celebrate Independence Day in Northern California

"Fourth of July" parade
Families celebrate Fourth of July

Fourth of July celebrations include American flags and parades

kids on bikes
Kids on bikes celebrate July Fourth in Northern California

Celebrating Independence Day in Half Moon Bay, California

Celebrating Independence Day in Half Moon Bay, California

How do you celebrate independence day in the USA?

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating Independence Day in USA”

  1. Well I didn’t celebrate it, but that’s because I am not from the US 🙂

    It is very interesting to read about the celebrations and your pictures are great!

    I will try to stop by the US on my round-the-world trip during the 4th of July next year.

    Which city do you think is the best for its 4th of July celebrations?

    Cheers from a French globetrotter 🙂


  2. @Myriam
    You certainly must include the USA on your round-the-world trip! As for the city with the best July Fourth celebrations, I was quite impressed to watch the fireworks in Boston when I lived there in the 1980’s. My city of San Francisco is hit or miss when it comes to fireworks due to our foggy weather.

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