Apocalypse Design Alpine Parka – Travel Apparel Review

"Apocalypse Design Alpine Parka"
Nancy Brown wearing Apocalypse Design’s Alpine Parka for a Travel Apparel Review

When the box arrived from Fairbanks, Alaska-based Apocalypse Design, the red, puffy alpine parka almost stood on its own. I was so excited for my upcoming winter trip to Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska, that I immediately changed into the fleece pants and snow bibs that Apocalypse Design had sent for me to review.

I was Alaska-bound for the 2010 Iditarod Sled Dog Race that was to begin in Anchorage on March 6. While I was very happy to have the proper outdoor apparel for my Alaska winter vacation, the Apocalypse Design Alpine Parka was clearly over kill for the relatively mild Anchorage, Alaska temperatures.

I was, however, very happy to be outfitted in Steger Mukluks as I tramped around in the Alaska snow.

Alpine Parka Mandatory Apparel in Fairbanks, Alaska

It wasn’t until I landed in Fairbanks, Alaska to view the ice sculptures in 20 degree below zero temperatures (with the wind chill factor) at the World Ice Art Championships that I became appreciative of my Apocalypse Design Alpine Parka. Yet it was midnight on top of a hill, as I was viewing the Northern Lights at the Chena Hot Springs Resort that I realized my love affair with Apocalypse Design’s Alpine Parka.

The outer shell of the Apocalypse Design Alpine Parka is made of Avalite, a waterproof and breathable fabric. The full hood on the Apocalypse Design Alpine Parka was a life saver in Fairbanks, as was the fleece lined chin guard and fleece lined, deep pockets. I didn’t appreciate Apocalypse Design’s attention to detail until the cold set in.

"Girdwood Alyeska"
Nancy D. Brown in Girdwood, Alaska with Apocalypse Design Alpine Parka for a Travel Apparel Review.

I pitied the poorly dressed tourists who were sitting in their cotton jeans and inadequate boots trying to warm themselves at the portable heaters in the Chena Hot Springs yurts.

While I was outside taking in the Aurora Borealis and watching shooting stars, warm and toasty in my Apocalypse Design Alpine Parka, ($412) fleece pants ($99), snow bibs ($330) and Steger Mukluks and Steger mitts, I reminded myself how important it is to dress appropriately for an Alaska winter vacation.

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As Karen Lundquist, Vice President of Marketing, Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau puts it, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, it’s bad gear.”

Thanks to Apocalypse Design for loaning me the alpine parka, snow bibs and fleece pants for review during my winter vacation to Alaska. The quality and design of your travel apparel were very much appreciated.


Apocalypse Design (907) 451-7555

201 Minnie Street, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

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  1. My friend got one for herself when they went to Alaska. She was telling me I should try getting one for myself when I take a trip there next time. Thanks for sharing your review.

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