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Traveling: What Not to Wear

Friday December 20, 2013 at 7:07 AM | 14 Comments

Style Feen shorts

What not to wear when you travel

It’s easy to spot Americans when we travel. Typically, we wear logo baseball caps, logo t-shirts, jeans or shorts and white tennis shoes. Sometimes in churches, museums or religious ceremonies, Americans are inappropriately dressed; revealing too much skin. This is also the case when traveling in religious countries.

“As someone who has traveled solo, I think dressing provocatively is generally a bad idea,” said Kayt Sukel, frequent traveler and author of This is Your Brain on Sex.   “You’ll get more attention than you want in some places wearing baggy jeans, combat boots and a sweater.”

Your clothing style

Clothing can be used as a fashion statement or to keep your body warm in cold climates and protect your skin from bug bites or the harsh UVA rays of the sun. People can dress to impress, dress for a date, dress for travel, dress for sex or dress for success.

As I am a freelance writer, I often receive shirts, shoes, suitcases and such to review on my travel blog. Imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail pitch asking me to review a women’s clothing line that degrades women. But it gets better, this online clothing store was founded by a woman. Her name is Hortencia Caires Casazola. I hesitate to give her or the company any publicity, but I am outraged enough to shine a spotlight on this woman and the message she is sending to young women…and men.

Style Feen

What not to wear when you travel

Clothing degrading women

I respect that Style Feen is not targeting my demographic; female, college-educated, baby boomers who enjoy travel. What I don’t respect is the message this fashion statement sends to our young women.

Since when did slang, degrading language to women become “edgy clothing pieces?” Is this woman’s top truly a young girls craving to express her individual style? Is this piece of clothing designed to capture the attention and imagination of young men or sexual predators?

“I thought about the use of the word “cxxt” and how it always seemed to me that the most vulnerable/least loved girls wore the raunchiest clothes,” noted Dana Yzurdiaga, California middle school teacher. “Fashion makers are so totally taking advantage of the most vulnerable. Shame on them!”

I guess the bottom line is what do your clothes say about you? Do you give special thought to your clothing style when you travel abroad? Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your clothing choice when traveling in other countries?

Article by Nancy D. Brown. Photos courtesy of Style Feen.

Best Gifts for Travelers

Friday December 6, 2013 at 8:08 AM | 15 Comments

Villa del Palmar hammock

dreaming up gift ideas for the traveler

Picture yourself in a hammock, swaying lazily in the shade of two palm trees; the ocean waves fold into the compacted sand of the beach in a syncopated rhythm with the ropes of the hammock. What could be better? How about a cold drink within reach and a good book to keep you company? Did I mention that it’s snowing back home and you won’t have to return until the snow melts? Okay, this is a dream, but since we’re dreaming, let’s continue dreaming up gift ideas for the traveler.

Books for the traveler

For the wanderers amongst us; lace up your hiking boots and read Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, a book by author Cheryl Strayed.

For those who wish beyond the moon and the stars, how about An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Canada’s Commander Chris Hadfield?

Girlie Go Garter

Girlie Go Garter

Pocket-sized gifts

Does your jet set traveler need a snazzy new passport cover?

For the times you want to leave your purse behind, but still have your passport, cell phone and money at your disposal, consider The Girly Go Garter. This sexy piece of lingerie is pick-pocket proof and this lace garter with pockets is priced at an affordable $29.95.

Are you tired of asking strangers to take a picture of you when traveling solo? The Looq remote shutter supports most iPhones and Androids, is lightweight – 3.8 oz – and doesn’t require batteries. Plug the phone into the Looq slot, plug the wire into the earphone jack and you are ready to go. $69.99.

Travel apparel and gear

Some people travel with their favorite pillow, I travel with my dog and take along her dog bed. The Molly Mutt duvet is portable and works like a stuff sack. I bring along clean dog towels, fill the duvet with the towels and simple-as-that, Molly Mutt dog duvet turns into dog’s best friend bed.

Speaking of beds; my job as a travel writer has me on the road a lot.  I love a hotel room with an excellent mattress and good quality sheets. Imagine my delight when I learned that Home2 bedding sells their micro fiber, quick drying sheets online. Starting at $68.

Many of you know that I specialize in equestrian travel writing. For me, cowboy boots are not a fashion statement, they are required gear for any horseback riding vacation. My pick for a solid pair of boots, Justin Boots handcrafted in the USA.

With 19 pockets, the Scottevest Puffer jacket is a travel lovers dream coat. Designed for men, and the 17 pocket Lola jacket for women, this 100% quilted nylon jacket is iPad compatible and will keep you warm in cold weather, while still being lightweight.

Justin cowboy boots

Justin AQHA Remuda black quill ostrich boots

Ultimate travel destination

Now that you have your cowboy boots and your Scottevest jacket, hop on an airplane to Missoula, Montana and book the ultimate luxury vacation at The Ranch at Rock Creek. This Relais Chateaux property offers deluxe rooms in Granite Lodge, individual houses – ideal for families and canvas cabins for the ultimate glamping experience.

Santa, if you are reading this, please bring me a pair of Justin AQHA Remuda black quill ostrich boots. I leave for a trip to Texas in January. What’s on your holiday list?

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Wrap Yourself in Hotel Sheets with Home2 Bedding

Friday August 30, 2013 at 5:05 AM | 4 Comments

Home2 Suites bedding

Home2 Suites micro fiber sheets review

Are you one of those travelers who love sleeping in luxury hotel rooms with gorgeous bedding,  a comfortable mattress and high thread count sheet sets?  Perhaps you’ve even contemplated stuffing that down pillow in your suitcase and taking it home with you? I know that I have given it thought, but my carry on bag with limited space keeps me honest.

Home2 bedding

They say that imitation is the strongest form of flattery so it’s no wonder that Home2 Suites jumped on the home shopping idea when guests began to ask repeatedly how they could replicate the Home2 Suites experience in their own home. Afterall, who doesn’t want to duplicate a good night sleep with a quality mattress, beautiful bedding and quick drying sheets?

Micro fiber sheets

Hotel quality bedding delivered to your door, Home2 Suites

Micro Fiber bed sheets

If you live in a warm climate, care about minimizing your carbon foot print or simply enjoy soft sheets on your bed, you’ll want to try Home2 sheets. The hotel sheets retail for $68., $78. & $90. for full, queen and king, respectively.

As a lodging editor and travel writer, it’s been noted that I sleep around a lot – and I mean that in a good way. I know what I like when it comes to pillows, sheets and a good mattress.

I’ve purchased several organic, natural latex mattresses and box springs from FloBeds, a company based in Mendocino county, as the California company provides me the best night sleep on a consistent basis. I’m anxious to Shop Home2′s complete product line when it becomes available.

Home2 bedding online

Home2 plans to roll out a complete line of bedding, linens, towels and mattress with box springs in the near future, available for purchase on their website.  Until the website is launched, readers may purchase the micro fiber sheets by telephone.

Where to buy:

Shop Home2 (855) 466-3939

Home2 Suites provided me with these sheets for review purposes. Opinions are my own.