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Antoine’s: Old New Orleans Dining at its Finest

This is a guest post from Susan Payton of Unexplorer.

If you visit New Orleans for the first time and end up on Bourbon Street, you might assume there’s nothing for the grownup with discerning tastes. You’d be wrong. While, yes, there is a sea of 2-foot-tall plastic drink cups and young people who seem to think New Orleans gives them license to act ridiculous, if you look, there’s still a tradition of Old-Worldness that lingers, if you know where to look.

Setting the Scene
When offered a complimentary meal at Antoine’s, the oldest French-Creole restaurant in the United States, courtesy of the New Orleans Convention Center & Bureau, I jumped at the chance. Antoine’s has a reputation for elegance and fine dining, so naturally, we couldn’t miss the experience.

To set the mood right for our night of Old World New Orleans, my husband and I made a few drink stops first. I chose Pimm’s Cup as my beverage of choice for the evening. New Orleans has a few classic drinks, and this is one of them, despite it being originally from London. We started off in our hotel bar/restaurant, Compère Lapin, where they made a delightful version of the Pimm’s Cup with mulled wine spices. We continued on to the Carousel Bar, another Old World institution. My mother, who grew up a few hours away from New Orleans, was excited to hear I went there and to Antoine’s, which is a testament to their long-standing reputations. […]

April 27th, 2016|Louisiana, Restaurants and Dining|

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