Who Makes You Smile Contest – Win a Trip to New York

"Who Makes You Smile"
Who Makes You Smile contest

Smile if it makes you happy

Smiling is healthy; not only for you, but for the people around you. Smiling can lift your spirits. Unless, of course, you are traveling somewhere where smiling is frowned upon. Did you know that the people of Bhutan actually have a happiness quotient?

Who makes you smile? The folks at TopDentist.com think smiling is important and have created a contest asking “Who makes you smile?” Upload a pictures and you and a friend might win a trip to New York City.

"Henning Sami Trolls"
Who Makes You Smile? These Norwegian hand carved Sami Trolls from Henning make me smile

Californians Smile Often

I know that when I am traveling, I always smile at people and say, “hello.”  One time I was horseback riding in Norway and my Norwegian riding companion said, “I’m going to try that.” “Try what?,” I replied back.  “I’m going to be like you and say hello to everyone who crosses my path. ” It’s not that Norwegians are not friendly people. It is simply that they don’t offer greetings to strangers on the street.

Do you smile to strangers or do you reserve your smiles for friends only? Who makes you smile?

Who Makes You Smile Contest Details:

Visit the Who Makes You Smile contest page. Upload a digital photo of yourself with someone that makes you smile. In 140 characters or less, describe why that individual makes you smile and enter for a chance to win a teeth-whitening session, photo shoot,  trip to New York City and $1,000. in spending money.  Now if that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. Sorry this contest, sponsored by TopDentists.com, is only open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. See official rules for details.

This post is sponsored by TopDentists.com 

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