Unusual Junction–A Destination Least Expected

One of the best things about being a travel writer is when a story assignment takes you to a place you hadn't heard about before and want to go back to right away. A story on restaurants in train stations brought me on a road trip to Unusual Junction in West Lafayette, Ohio, east of Cochoctan.   Unusual [...]

2017-06-26T07:36:41+00:00 December 24th, 2014|Ohio|

Kamikaze Fireflies: A Laugh-Out-Loud Must-See

Kamikaze Fireflies: A Delightful Duo of a Must-See Fun Ever since my son had a hankering to pick up a sword for some playtime swashbuckling, we've headed to Ohio's Renaissance Festival for a perfect fall outing. The Kamikaze Fireflies are what bring me back over and over, and are a laugh-out-loud must-see. Fortunately, [...]

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