5 Foods Everyone Needs to Try in Belgium

Belgium is a country packed to the brim with sights and sounds, but today we’ll be discovering the best foods to eat in Belgium – whether you’re traveling to Brussels or Brugge, here are the “5 Foods Everyone Needs to Try in Belgium”.

This post was written by Marnely Murray who pens Cooking with Books. 

Foodie Travel to Belgium

Belgium Beer

With over 180 breweries in all of Belgium, it’s safe to say that the country knows what it’s doing. And with over dozens of beer varieties, there’s something for everyone. Choose from Trappist beer, Abbey beer, Pils or pale lager, Bock, White or wheat beer, Blonde or golden ale, India Pale Ale beer, and Lambic beers. Whether you walk into a fine dining restaurant or a local neighborhood bar, the beer selection is impressive!

Foodie Travel to Belgium

Moules – French Belgian Bistro Style Mussels

On our first meal in Brussels, we knew we had to go with a classic and mussels were just the thing. The mussels come out in a huge pot, about 2-3 dozen mussels per order depending on where you are, drenched in a white wine sauce that’s filled with aromatics like celery, onion, and herbs. It’s the perfect dish to dive into on a cool night in Brussels – served with some crispy bread to dunk in the savory broth, it’s just what you need to start exploring Belgium’s culinary scene.

Foodie Travel to Belgium

Belgian Fries

Along with your mussels, an order of fries is a must and if you’re used to having ketchup with fries in the US, try to forget about ketchup while you’re in Belgium and go for the traditional dipping sauce that is mayonnaise. Almost every single spot we got fries, whether on the streets or at a restaurant, the mayonnaise seemed to be housemate and incredibly flavorful. Some of the street vendors also sell Belgian fries with a variety of over a dozen flavored sauces – the possibilities are endless for this simple dish!

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Foodie Travel to Belgium

Belgian Chocolates

Hands down, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, Belgium is the country to visit. Don’t tell me Swiss chocolate is better. Don’t even get started – Belgian chocolate is hands down the best chocolate in the world. The way it’s crafted results in the smoothest, creamiest chocolate you’ll ever taste and while visiting, I decided to visit the top chocolate makers and taste test their goods for you. After spending hundreds of euros on chocolate, my top favorite artisan chocolate shops in Brussels are: Mary Chocolate, Pierre Marcolini, Galler, Neuhaus, and Bruyerre.

Foodie Travel to Belgium

Belgian Waffles

Last, but certainly not least, are the ever so popular Belgian waffles. This is one item you need to get while exploring the city, from a street vendor. There will be plenty of options to choose from, but I recommend the most simple sugar waffle, no toppings or sauces, so you can experience the original taste and flavor of these waffles. What makes Belgian waffles the best is the pearl sugar in the batter, that toasts into a sugary, melted heaven in every bite. If you’re smart enough, you’ll have one every day you’re in Belgium!

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