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Posted by Nancy D. Brown

Nantucket Travel WalletMy hair is rumbled as I pull off my not-so-glamorous eye shades. The plane has touched down in Miami; a red eye from San Francisco and I have raccoon eyes from sleeping with my makeup. A quick trip into the bathroom with my Pond’s Towelettes and I look presentable again.

Pond’s sent me a package of Towelettes to try out on my travels. They also included a gift pack for me to give away to you, my dear reader.

Let’s face it, a review of Pond’s Towelettes is not going to bring eyes to this site. What about a Travel Essentials gift pack giveaway? Bring it on!

Mini Jet SetGift Pack Description

The gift pack includes a Nantucket Traval Wallet, Mini jet set, Carry-on Bottle set, in a clear plastic case for all of your 3 oz liquids, as well as your own package of Pond’s Towelettes to try.

I like my Pond’s Towelettes because they come in a convenient, re-closable package that fits into my makeup bag. My eyes tend to react to strong eye make up remover, yet I didn’t have any reactions to the Pond’s Towelettes and, more importantly, the towelettes removed my mascara.


Ponds TowelettesBeauty Tips

If you enjoy reading beauty tips, fashion and beauty guru Jenn Falik shares her tips and you can download coupons for the towelettes, too.

What’s your essential travel product? I can’t leave home without my Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer bag.

Carry-on Bottle SetLeave a comment and I’ll pick a random winner in ten days. The folks at Pond’s will ship your Travel Essential gift pack directly to you after supplying me with your address.  Happy Travels!

10 Responses to “Pond’s Travel Essentials Gift Pack Giveaway”

  1. Eric Marshall says:

    My wife would love these!

  2. Danielle says:

    I have wanted to try these.

  3. Janet says:

    I love Pond’s towelettes! I use one morning night carry them with me whenever I travel. I accidently purchased another brand when I first starting using the towelettes and discovered that they were not pre-moistened — what a disappointment they were! I quickly replaced with the Pond’s brand. The resealable packaging is so convenient and the towels do not dry out. I have sensitive skin and they have caused no problems for me when some regular eye makeup remover does cause irritation. I would love to try the mini jet set travel wallet to better organize my travel bag.

  4. Maghan Keller says:

    we are getting ready to take two trips in the next two months and these would be GREAT.

  5. Mary Ann Grisham says:

    Great idea, Nancy. I love makeup remover towelettes!! They are absolutely perfect for travel, I recommend them to students who attend my travel classes. There is nothing worse than being on a long international flight, arriving the next day, and still wearing makeup that may be 24 hours old by the time you arrive. Try washing your face in the airplane lav at 2:00 am. Ick! Towelettes are the perfect answer. I have not tried the Ponds brand yet, but would like to very much.They are also great for removing mascara when you’re staying in a hotel and dont want to stain the white washcloths with black mascara. I’m sure the laundry staff will love you for this! Thanks for a practical, very useful giveaway. Mary Annwww.enchanted-traveler.com

  6. Donna Hull says:

    These Ponds Towelettes are perfect for traveling. I’ll be packing them in my carryon on my next adventure.What’s my essential travel item? The Samsonite cloth wallet holder that I wear around my waist, tucked underneath the waistband of my pants. I never have to worry about losing a wallet or passport.

  7. bettina says:

    I used this Ponds Towelettes for my last trip and I really liked it.

  8. Jet Set Life says:

    Ditto! A lot of wives would love this post so I’d be sure to let mine know about this. It sure would help her feel great during our travels. Thanks!

  9. Amy says:

    I think my favorite travel item are eyedrops. My eyes get really dry on planes, and it really helps my comfort – and beauty because who wants to look at bloodshot eyes? That travel wallet is really neat looking.

  10. Nancy D. Brown says:

    We have a winner! Congratulations to Mary Ann Grisham of http://www.enchanted-traveler.com.Please contact me with your mailing address and I’ll send you the Pond’s Travel Essentials Gift Pack.Thanks to everyone for entering. Stay tuned for Travel Bloggers Caravan – beginning Dec. 1-12 I’ll be participating in a daily prize give away with some well known travel bloggers!

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