Posted by Nancy D. Brown

I've written about Peru, attended trade shows about Peru and listened to Jim Kane Founder and President of Culture Xplorers talk passionately about his CX Weavers Awards in Peru, yet I haven't been there myself.

If you've ever wanted to visit Peru and fancy yourself a writer, you have a few days before the entries close for the writing contest at Wanderlust and Lipstick. Along with fellow judges Amanda Castleman; Stephanie Elizondo Griest; Greg Hubbs, Editor Transitions Abroad; Tim Leffel, Editor Perceptive Travel and Pam Mandel of Nerdseyeview, I look forward to reading your entry.

Intrepid Travel is co-sponsoring the contest with Travel Writer Beth Whitman. The grand prize winner will journey from Lima's coastal shores through the Amazon Jungle and onto the snow capped peaks of the Andean altiplano. For more details on the contest, click here. Good luck!

Photo courtesy Craig Isaacs

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