Things to See and Do in Viseu, Portugal

Viseu, Portugal
Viseu Historical District, Viseu, Portugal

Are you visiting Viseu for the first time? Below is a list of “Insider Tips” for things to see and do in Viseu – the Noble City in central Portugal. When I have a visitor from out of town the first place they want to see is The Cathedral – Sé de Viseu, but I also take them to National Museu of Grão Vasco – for a more local, authentic experience.

When I want to escape the tourists, my favorite place to visit is Almeida Moreira ‘s Home Museum.

If this is a romantic trip, I recommend a tram ride to the Historical Center for kissing with a view.

Museums are wonderful, but if you are traveling with kids, you’ll want to visit Aquilino Ribeiro Park in the center of the city or Cycling and Walking Paths – Ecopista do Dão.

Duarte de Portugal, Viseu, Portugal
Viseu, Portugal

Regional Food of Viseu, Portugal

If you are looking for typical Viseu cuisine, I recommend Octopus – Rosted Kid – Lafões and Veal.

The best place to go for coffee & a breakfast treat is Pastelaria Horta.

Dão red wine is the regional wine of Viseu.

Looking for cheap food in Viseu? Go to Colmeia Restaurant or Pensão Rossio.

The Maria Xica Restaurant is the spot for late night dining.

For an expensive, yet quality meal, go to Muralha de Sé Restaurant.

Seeing a lot of gourmet food? Viseu is best known for high-end gastronomy and the Relevant Historical Heritage.

Viseu Cathedral, Viseu, Portugal
Viseu Cathedral, Viseu, Portugal

When you come to Viseu, get your picture taken at the Cathedral Square.

Viseu offers great views and Viseu is the best place to watch or experience Ephemeral Gardens in July.

In Viseu outdoor enthusiasts will want to hike, bike, horseback ride, and walk the cobblestone streets of central Portugal.

Looking for a little exercise? Walk or Cycle along the Ecopista do Dão.(49km connected city center of Viseu to Santa Comba Dão ‘s City.)

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If you are a museum lover, Viseu’s best museum is Grão Vasco National Museum.

Misericordia Church, Viseu, Portugal
Misericordia Church, Viseu, Portugal

Looking for exciting night life? Go dancing at Factor C or NB Club for live music.

The Diário de Viseu will keep you posted on what’s happening in Viseu.

You can tell a lot about Viseu from visiting and watching the century old annual fair Feira de S. Mateus event from August 15th to 15th September.

Did you know that Viseu has a well established wine region? Plan a visit to this part of central Portugal to experience the grape harvest in the fall.

Come to Viseu for Christmas Market in Rossio Square in the winter.

Insider Tip:  Just outside of  Viseu you can visit Santar and go wine tasting, have lunch at the Paço dos Cunhas de Santar.

Article written by, video and photos courtesy of  Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip, Travels from Northern California. I was a guest of VisitCentro, Portugal Tourism and SATA Airlines.

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