San Francisco Food Trucks

"Creme Brulee Truck"
From the Creme Brulee Truck or the cart, either way, the Creme Brulee is divine

Try the S’mores cupcake and the Salted Caramel at Cupkates
San Francisco food truck scene
You’ve no doubt heard about the food truck trend happening in San Francisco (and now all over the U.S.). If you haven’t had a chance to experience this style of dining yet, why not make a date with yourself and a few friends for a roving lunch around San Francisco? Since food trucks have been around for a few years, we’ve had the opportunity to try the food at most of them. All offer high-quality food from a fun truck staffed by friendly people who are passionate about their food. Here is our list of “must do’s.”
"Chairman Bao"
At Chairman Bao, the line is worth the wait for the pork buns

Chairman Bao – We know a thing or two about pork buns. If you cut us open, we might bleed pork buns. The Chairman’s are some of our favorites. The steamed bun is split down the middle, add the braised pork and the cabbage, and  it all adds up to a perfect first course for your lunch. Beware: the line is long for this food truck, but the bun is worth the wait.

Seoul on Wheels – If you’re a fan of the San Francisco-style burrito but are looking for a different take on it, the Korean burrito (or if you prefer, Korrito) is going to make you very happy. The Korrito is all about the Korean-style marinated meat combined with the kimchee. Strangely, added to your usual burrito ingredients, these things work really, really well. The line is usually long here too, but it moves fast.

Keep on Trucking (and EATING!)

"Liba Falafel"
Liba’s hand-cut sweet potato fries and falafel – the perfect combo

Liba Falafel – Liba’s is not your usual falafel. This food truck is a full on falafel bar which offers up condiments such as braised eggplant in tomato sauce, red cabbage with black sesame seeds, brussel sprouts with red apple and mustard vinaigrette, rosemary peanuts…the list goes on! All the food from Liba’s is made from scratch everyday and it is served with Liba, which means love. As their tagline says “let your falafel affair begin!”

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Cupkates – Time to move on to desserts, and at Cupkates you should definitely get the S’mores cupcake and the Salted Caramel cupcake. A few quality local ingredients come together in a baking alchemy to create cupcake gold.

Creme Brulee Cart – We first tried creme brulee from this cart when it was pulled into an alley on a windy day. There was a momentary challenge with the wind and the torch which burns the creme, but we just loved that part of the experience. It’s so hands-on! Today there’s both the cart and a food truck so take your pick.

"Creme Brulee Truck"
Putting the finishing touches on Creme Brulee
Off The Grid food truck party
To learn the location of each of these mobile chefs, you can check out their facebook pages, twitter or their websites. Also if you want to see a whole bunch of trucks in one location, then  Off The Grid (OTG) is for you. OTG takes place at different days and locations around the Bay Area (Fort Mason in San Francisco on Friday nights, Marin Country Mart in Larkspur on Sunday afternoons to name a few). This is a great way to try out even more meals on wheels and pick a few favorites for yourself.
Have you dined at a food truck? What are your favorite food trucks?
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