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Naughty Girls Guide to Las Vegas, book
When I was asked to review “Naughty Girls Guide to Las Vegas” by Sienna Sinclaire I was very excited. You see I love Vegas! I love everything about Vegas and if you love Las Vegas like I do, then this book is a must read! I have to admit that there are a number of things in this book that I enjoyed learning about but am much too old to enjoy. Where was this book 20 years ago? Don’t worry, young or old there is something for you.

Sienna Sinclaire does a great job of giving you just enough information to keep you interested. She starts with an abbreviated version of the naughty history that peaks your interest and pulls you into the rest of the book.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, single or married, there is something for you in “The Naughty Girls Guide to Las Vegas.” If you have a bachelorette party to plan you couldn’t get better naughty advice anywhere. Have a friend who is turning 50 (male or female) this book will help make the party unforgettable! Want a fun anniversary for your sweetie, pass up the travel agent and use this book as your travel guide.

Las Vegas

Topless pools, erotic photographers, “naughty” tours and even the best places to go to get your “naughty” self-ready for a night on the town, this book has it all. “Naughty Girls Guide to Las Vegas” was a fun read.

My husband enjoyed reading the book and has made a few requests for our next trip to Las Vegas. I think I have just found the best shower gift for anyone getting married and planning a honeymoon. Even a quick skim through this book would get you to change your destination to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sienna Sinclaire
Sienna Sinclaire

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This book review is a guest post by Cyndee Reeves, a lover of Las Vegas. Black & Blue Star supplied her with Naughty Girls Guide to Las Vegas for review purposes. All opinions are her own.

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