"Schwyz, Switzerland"

Myten mountains in Schwyz, Switzerland

Are you visiting Schwzy, Switzerland for the first time? My favorite tips and locations for visitors to Schwyz, Switzerland.

The first place I take a visitor from out of town is to the main square of Schwyz where you can see the beautifully painted historic town hall. Here you can also take in the beauty of the two majestic mountains called Mythen.

To escape work I go to the car free mountain village Stoos. To reach Stoos you’ll need to take Europe’s steepest cable car and continue on by chairlift. In the winter time you can enjoy all types of winter sports. In the other seasons you can walk around, enjoying more than 10 lakes of central Switzerland.

Have you ever worked in a hell hole? This place in Muotathal, Switzerland is quite the opposite. It is home to one of the world’s largest cave systems called, Hell’s Hole.

If you come to Schwyz, get your picture taken in the main square and on a mountain trip to Mythen, Rigi or Stoos. You can also take a sightseeing tour to Brunnen, located 10 minutes from Schwyz, on the shore of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.

"Wysses Rossli Restaurant"

Wysses Rossli Restaurant

What to eat in Schwyz, Switzerland

Schwyz offers a lot of history and local flavor. For a combination of the two, turn to the oldest restaurant, Schwyzer Stubli or Wysses Rossli.

If you are looking for an authentic Swiss dining experience, go to Restaurant Wysses Rossli. This building has been in Schwyz forever! Order the carpaccio made from Muotathaler calf, marinated with white balsamic vinegar and truffle oil with shaved cheese and tomato basil sorbet. Delicious.

If you are hoping to stretch your dining dollar in Schwyz, go to the Mythencenter where Migros and more than 20 other shops are located, including Dany’s Fast Food restaurant with a large selection of burgers, pizza and such.

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For a huge splurge, dine at Hotel Waldstatterhof in Brunnen by the lake. This is a gorgeous setting.



"Eichhorn Accordion"

Eichhorn Accordion by Nancy D. Brown

Famous Swiss products in Schwyz

Did you know that Schwyz is the birthplace of Eichhorn accordions, custom made cow bells, Swiss chocolate made by Felchlin and, of course, the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife?

Photo opportunities in Schwyz include the Abbey of Einsiedeln and Ital Reding Hofstaff.

The best vantage points are taken by the main square in Schwyz, lakeside in Brunnen and the mountain tops of Mythen, Stoos, Fronalpstock or Rigi.

The most random thing abut Schwyz is the Carnival of Schwyz that takes place in February.

The best way to see Schwyz is to walk or take the public bus. There are plenty of hiking, biking and walking trails in Schwyz.

My favorite jogging or walking route is by Lake Lauerz.

If you are a history buff, you will enjoy the Museum of Swiss Charters in Schwyz.

For a night of dancing, go to small bars like Hirschen Pub. In Brunnen, you’ll find several bars and music places.

To find out what’s going on at night or on weekends, read Bote Der Urschweiz or the Schwyzer Zeitung, but only if you are able to read German.

Schwyz Cowbell

Schwyz Cowbell

Regional activities in Schwyz

You can tell a lot about Schwyz from visiting the rural valley of Muotathal or Illgau and watching the Swiss Wrestling event on the mountain of Stoos in mid-June.

In the spring you should attend Culinary Swiss Week.

In the summer you might enjoy the Swiss Wrestling Festival in June. In the fall, visit the Alp Cheese Fair in Muotathal in October.

In the winter go to the Christmas Market, late November to early December,  in Einsiedeln.

If you have time, visit the monestary at Muotathal in Schwyz.

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For a great regional treat, try the Muotatal Alpcheese or the Muotataler Cream Kirsch Cake from the Schelbert Bakery.

Just outside of Schwyz you can visit Brunnen, Stoos, Rigi, the Mythen region, Sattel-Hockstuckli, Muotatla, Illgau and Einsiedeln.

If you are traveling with kids, visit the Landscape and Animal Park Goldau, the huge playground and jump areas and the summer toboggan run at Sattel Hockstuckli. Also check out the Swiss Holiday Park at Morschach.

Thank you to Monica Muller of Schwyz Tourism for assistance with this post.