Nancy D. Brown’s Entlebuch, Switzerland

"Swiss cow"
Cows graze in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Entlebuch, Switzerland

Are you looking to experience natural Switzerland? These are my favorite tips and locations for first-time visitors to Entlebuch, Switzerland.

The first place I take a visitor to Entlebuch is to the UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Here you may get on a mountain bike or go hiking and head out into nature.

For more natural beauty, Schrattenfluh is a picturesque mountain near Sorenberg.

When you travel to Entlebuch, take your picture at Heiligkreuz. Photo opportunities in Entlebuch are anywhere along the Entlebuch UNESCO biosphere trail. I took my picture in the hills with the wild flowers blooming and felt like I was having a Julie Andrews “the hills are alive with the sound of music” moment, but in Switzerland.

Swiss food in Entlebuch

If you want to bring home a little bit of Entlebuch, pick up a jar of the local honey and a tin of tea. You’ll find a lot of regional products at Wirz Getranke.

The locals will tell you that the best item on the menu at Restaurant Bahnhofi is the Cordon Bleu. The Hotel Port in Entlebuch is the spot for late night dining.

For an affordable “value” meal, Restaurant Bahnhof in Schupfheim is a good bet. Here you get big plates of food for less money.

For a huge splurge, I go to the sorcerer of Entlebuch. Stefan Wiesner and his crew in the Gasthaus Rossli in Escholzmatt are famous for their very special dishes.

"UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch"
Entlebuch, Switzerland UNESCO Biosphere Trail

The best vantage points are taken by walking to the top of the Brienzer Rothorn. You can take the cable railway for easy access.

Do you love Swiss cows?

If you love Swiss cows and the lovely sounds that their cow bells make when they walk,  you’ll want to be in Entlebuch for Alpabfahrt . This is an annual event in Entlebuch, Switzlerland when the cows parade down from the alps to their winter residence.

In Entlebuch, an active day outdoors means taking a walking trip from the Marbachegg to Kemmeriboden-Bad. Afterwards, treat yourself to the biggest desserts and “Meringues” in the area.

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My favorite walking route is the UNESCO Biosphere moorland trail. This is a five day tour through the biggest moorland landscape in Switzerland.

For the local history of Entlebuch, visit the museum in Schupfheim, Switzerland.

For a night of dancing, go to Go-In-Club in Sorenberg.

If you can read German, the Entlebucher Anzeiger will tell you what’s going on at night or on the weekends.

Entlebuch Goldwashing
Panning for gold in Entlebuch, Switzerland

Authentic Entlebuch

You can tell a lot about Entlebuch from visiting the rural valley like the Romoos and watching a traditional yodel-concert.

In the spring you should attend the Romoos gold panner. You will be rich in memories for the experience.

In the summer you should visit one of the alpine dairymen, they producer excellent cheese.

In the fall you should visit the moorlandscape in Entlebuch and view the multiple colors.

Sorenberg, Switzerland
Skiing in Sorenberg, Switzerland

In the winter you should go to Sorenberg, the biggest ski resort in the region.

A hidden gem in Entlebuch is the Chessiloch in Fluhli – a marvelous waterfall at the end of the world.

Just outside of Entlebuch you can visit Willisau, have lunch at the Hotel Krone and buy the traditional Willisauer Ringli in the local bakery.

The best way to see Entlebuch is to walk along the Emme river. The river flows from the source in Sorenberg to the end in Emmenbrucke.

If you have kids, you don’t want to miss the adventure playground Zyberliland in Romoos.

Where are your favorite places to visit in Entlebuch, Switzerland?

Thank you to Maurus Stockli of UNESCO Biosphere Tourism for assistance with this post.

Biosphere Trail and cow photo and YouTube video by Nancy D. Brown

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