Luxury + Technology Deliver Innovative Products

W hotel, hollywood, california
You had a lot of fun in Hollywood on September 30th if you were invited to the Luxury Technology Show at the W Hotel in southern California.

More intimate than CES, the show felt like a high-tech, luxury cocktail party as waiters passed around appetizers and bartenders served wine, beer and beverages from two bars. The room buzzed with people talking about the products on display.

Presented by RAND Luxury, three dozen companies displayed their newest offerings on the second floor of the W Hotel. There was definitely something for everyone.

New moms and dads could delight in the baby gear created by 4moms like their mamaRoo and bounceRoo that electronically comfort an infant without a mom or dad growing tired rocking baby back and forth. Applying technology to activities that can frustrate a busy parent, representatives from 4moms demonstrated the Origami stroller that, with a press of a button, electronically opens and closes on its own, compacting itself for easy transport. Great for the travel family, a self-installing car seat will be launched at CES 2016.

helsinki authentic sound speaker, luxury technology show
Vifa’s Helsinki Authentic Sound speaker

For people who love Roomba’s automatic vacuum, Neato Robotics upped the ante with their Neato Botvac Connected, a powerful machine with a longer lasting Li-ion battery and controlled by a smart phone app.

Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung displayed large screen, ultra-thin 4K televisions that boasted dynamic colors. A popular product at the show, Global Outdoor Concepts’ 65” 4K, super bright LG television was all the more impressive because the unit is water resistant and can be placed outdoors. The colors were vibrant, the images crystal sharp and the 3D effects dramatically life-like.

Putting aside for a moment the controversy surrounding their use, drones are so cool. The photographs and video taken from a drone are unique. ProDrone had its very new and very high tech version on display. Design-sleek in an Elon Musk kind of way, the Bryd drone folds up into a large backpack for easy portability.

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travel speaker, benq treVolo
Benq treVolo portable travel speaker

For audio aficionados who like to travel with battery powered, quality speakers Benq’s treVolo has flip-out side panels that increase its dynamic qualities. Equally compact, Reva Audio’s Turbo X and Riva S have superior sound. Fashion conscious travelers would definitely appreciate Vifa’s Helsinki and Copenhagen speakers, cleverly designed as designer purses.

Pond Wireless Charging takes recharging smart phones to the next level by doing so wirelessly. Place the phone on the battery powered charger and come back in two hours to a fully charged phone. Another charger that attracted attention was manufactured by Celestron, well-known by the science-minded for their telescopes and microscopes. Their Elements line of chargers offers quick, reliable charging of smart phones and tablets. The Firecell+ and Thermocharge models are also hand warmers, handy for winter trips.

pond wireless charging, luxury technology show
Pond Wireless Charging

Wearable technology has been in the news as manufacturers search for ways to connect clothing and accessories to digital devices. Fitness bracelets from NikeFuel, Jawbone Up and Fitbit have been widely adopted. The technologists behind Wisewear added high fashion to the mix in their Socialite Collection of bracelets made out of gold and palladium. Luxury wasn’t the only upgrade to Wisewear’s activity bracelet. In addition to the sensors associated with fitness there are other useful features, including mobile notifications and a distress messaging that sends your location and a recording of the sound around you to pre-set contacts in case you are in need of emergency assistance.

This is a guest post by David Latt who publishes Men Who Like to Travel and Men Who Like to Cook.

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