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"Harried Traveler"
Harried traveler making a mad dash through Vancouver’s YVR Airport in Canada

Fancy yourself the James Bond type? Armed with high tech gadgets, Bond is able to enter high security buildings with his top-secret security clearance levels. At the wave of a hand or the scan of  an iris, Bond is able to go places not accessible to the mere mortal.

Biometrics could save you time at the airport

Enter Clear, the nation’s  biometric secure ID program that speeds you through airport security.  I recently joined Clear because I am a frequent flyer and I spend a lot of time waiting in airport security lines.  The Clear program recently launched its expedited traveler service at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). CLEARlanes will be located at every terminal at SFO, allowing all passengers on any airline to use their biometrics to speed through security.



Clear comes to San Francisco International Airport

Win your own Clear card FREE

Want your own Clear card? Leave a comment, including your e-mail address, offering a time-saving travel tip and you’ll be entered into the random drawing for your very own one-year James Bond experience, Clear card. Giveaway winner selected after June 30, 2012 deadline.

Everyone’s a winner here at What a Trip. Even if you don’t win the one-year Clear card, you’ll be able to experience the Clear card for three months compliments of Clear.  Enter code CMNB08 on the Clear page.  Hurry, this code expires July 31, 2012.


Verify your passport, scan your iris and provide fingerprints at

Clear at Denver, Orlando & San Francisco Airports

Since re-launching in November 2010, the CLEARlanes at Denver International Airport and Orlando International Airport have been used more than 500,000 times. CLEAR has a base of more than 200,000 members across the U.S., including about 40,000 in San Francisco.

CLEAR membership costs $179 for one year with unlimited use. Members may add their spouse or partner with the Family Plan for an additional $50. All children under 18 may use the CLEARlane free of charge, and with no enrollment necessary, when accompanied by an adult member. Enrollment can be a one or two-step process. Go straight to the airport to register online (don’t forget to bring your passport) or sign up on-line, you’ll need a credit card, and finish the process of passport verification, finger printing and iris image scan at an airport kiosk. Allow at least 15 minutes for the membership verification process.

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For more up-to-date happenings, follow Clear on Twitter and like their page on Facebook. For all things travel related, follow Travel Expert Nancy D. Brown on Twitter.


"Clear card"
Speed through airport security with the Clear card.


WINNER: Congratulations Jen Leo. You are the winner of a one year CLEAR card. The winner was determined using


If You Go:

CLEAR (855) ClearMe (253-2763)

The Clear card giveaway was sponsored by Clear supplied me with a one-year membership for review.

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24 thoughts on “Giveaway: Fly Through Airport Security with Clear Card”

  1. My travel tip is to wear comfortable, slip-on shoes at the airport. Security will be quicker, and if you need to run to a connecting flight, comfortable shoes are a must.

  2. My time-saving travel tip is when faced with TSA lines – always go left. People have a natural tendency to go to the lines toward the right and follow a crowd, so usually the lines off to the left are shorter.

  3. @Charyn
    Go left in securing lines. That’s a good one. Fortunately for me, I have a Clear Card, so I get to go to the head of the line.

  4. Nice, Nancy! I sadly always have to go for the pat-down at my main airport, LAX, because I won’t go through the backscatter x-ray and they’re all over LAX. So even though my spouse has something similar to this for frequent AA fliers, he still has to wait an extra 3 -5 minutes for me. First world problems, right?

  5. When your stuff comes out of the x-ray conveyor belt tunnel, shove it all the way to the far end and then start reassembling yourself. You’ll be more relaxed and have more room when people aren’t breathing down your neck and backed up to the radiation closet waiting for you to put your laptop back in the bag.

  6. @Jeanine
    Great tip. I have a Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer bag, so I don’t have to remove my laptop. Yet I still manage to hold up the line with all my stuff.

  7. @Lenore
    Don’t forget to use the Clear discount code CMNB08 that I listed in the article for an additional three months free. While I can’t speak for Jennifer, I know that I will always opt for walk thru as opposed to the x-ray machine. Who needs more radiation in their body?

  8. @Jennifer
    I will always opt NOT to go through the backscatter x-ray, given the choice. As I mentioned to Lenore Greiner, who needs more radiation in their body?

  9. When traveling with your computer, my tip is to use a backpack with a “Checkpoint Friendly” compartment for your laptop. You don’t have to remove your computer, simply pull the Checkpoint Friendly portion flat and off you go. I use a Wenger — purchased it for about $70 bucks. great laptop bag with plenty of room for other items! Follow me on twitter @dianarowe

  10. My tip. If you’re traveling with your spouse and you want to sit together but one of you doesn’t want to get stuck in the middle seat – choose two aisle seats across from each other. @jenleo

  11. On crowded flights where you aren’t among the first to board, place your carry-on luggage in the first-available overhead space you pass on the way to your seat. One of the worst things is arriving at your seat only to find out you have to check in your carry-on. Almost as bad a time sink is having to place your carry-on in an overhead space further back in the plane (meaning you have to wait for everyone else to get off the plane to get your carry-on).

  12. @Andrew
    Excellent tip, Andrew. I was a little slow to learn this trick. I felt like a salmon swimming up stream with my carry-on bag when there was no room in the overhead bins by my seat…at the back of the plane.

  13. If I flew through one of these airports frequently, I might enter, but my question about the card is this: Why do you have to pay so much money? Doesn’t this exclude a lot of people from this service? Also, what happens to all of the data you have to give in order to receive one of these cards?

  14. My time saving tips is to never wear a belt and to wear slip on shoes. I love watching people sitting and putting their shoes as they tie their laces while I am off to my gate.

  15. Hi JoAnna,

    Thanks for checking out Nancy’s contest! Our CLEARcard costs $179 per year, which roughly translates to $15 per month. That is less than a cup of coffee and muffin at an airport – but CLEAR can help you make your flight.

    As for our data, CLEAR maintains administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to protect consumer personal information against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use. Definitely check out Section 6 of our Privacy Policy ( “How We Protect Personal Information” ) for more info.

    I hope we answered your questions! Please feel free to contact us if we can help you further!


  16. I keep a toiletries bag permanently packed, and if anything gets used up on a particular trip, I replace it when I get home. So I only ever have to pack clothes when I go away. Maybe it’s something about being a girly-girl, but I find that I take a LOT of toiletries, and it used to take up a LOT of my packing time, so this is a good way to save time every time you have to pack!

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