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"Uplander boot"
This Filson Uplander boot is comfortable and well made for hunting and shooting.

There are many choices for footwear to hunt upland game. One can use a lightweight hiking style boot as compared to the 9” Filson Uplander boot. I tested the Uplander dove hunting in Northern California over several days, and also in New Mexico archery hunting for elk.

Filson Uplander – classic leather boot

The Uplander is a classic leather boot, certainly what little water I encountered proved it was water proof. The high quality leather and well crafted seams will keep your feet dry. Although they are heavier than the just over the ankle hiking boots, the weight is worth it as rocks, brush, and dirt will not get in. There is no substitute for ankle support on rough terrain than the 9” Uplander provided.

Filson Uplander boot for comfort and traction

"Filson Uplander boot"
The Filson Uplander boot offers comfort and traction.

This Filson boot provides comfort and ample traction in the Gila National Forest and the tread pattern was quiet. It was hot during the dove hunt, but with the right socks my feet stayed comfortable and did not overheat.

Water proof Filson leather boots

Filson markets this boot for upland hunting, but I found it worthy for big game hunting. It is a quality made boot, comfortable and good for high country big game conditioning. These are real leather boots; to keep them waterproof, some leather care is required.

"Filson Uplander Book"
The Filson Uplander boot is perfect for dove hunting.

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The Filson Uplander boots retail for $315.

Filson boot review written and photos by Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown’s husband.  While Filson supplied my husband with these boots for review, I can personally attest my husband is a Filson fan. The guy is branded with Filson from head to toe and has purchased all Filson products prior to this review. He is a particular fan of the Filson jacket and has introduced many hunting buddies to this company.

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"Filson boot"
Filson Uplander boot review