Celebrate Earth Day – Third Planet from the Sun


Aztec and Mayan Interpretation of the Planets

On a recent trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, I had the opportunity to view the moon with a powerful telescope.  With the help of Mexican Astronomer Maria Elena Muriel, I was able to view Saturn, as well.  Muriel explains the stars and planets to guests of Marquis Los Cabos from an Aztec and Mayan viewpoint; one of many things to see and do during a visit to Los Cabos, Mexico.

Maria Elena Muriel shared this poem with me and I would like to share it with you on Earth Day.

The Third Planet from the Sun

This is the third planet from the sun

A very small blue sphere orbiting

a space – for a moment.

An extraordinary place, capable to create

The conditions to produce the phenomenon

we call “life.”

Where each creature is as unique as this

World that we call house and where the

day begins almost the same way for everyone.

Maybe one day when you receive a warm sunbeam

or the kindness of a stranger, you will discover

how a single life reaches to many others.

You will understand how things are intertwined between

each other, just as the veins joining at the same family,

and that the humanity is not the one that weaves

the fabric of life, but we are the only one more of

its threads.

And everything we do to that fabric, we do it

to ourselves in the third planet from the sun.

This is not just another planet,

it is our home.

What are your favorite things to do in Los Cabo San Jose, Mexico?

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