Gary Bembridge Interview: Tips for Travellers

Author Gary Bembridge In early January I caught up with travel writer and enthusiast Gary Bembridge. Gary writes a successful travel site called Tips for Travellers and recently published his book, the Cruise Traveler’s Handbook, which is available through Amazon among other places. Over the years Gary has traveled extensively and become a big [...]

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Basic Travel Tips with a Sense of Humor

Posted by Nancy D. Brown Nancy D. Brown on Antique Harley DavidsonFellow Travel Writer and blogger Andrew Hayes asked me to contribute a guest post on his Sharing Experiences blog that he writes from Edinburgh, Scotland. I offered four travel tips and shared what happens to someone who doesn't head this very basic advice. My room [...]

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Travel Writers Share Lost Luggage Tips

Travel writer Nancy D. Brown share tips for how to find lost luggage  With a heavy heart, I waited for the baggage claim carousel at O'Hare Airport to circle one last time. Surely my duffel bag would magically appear momentarily. Afterall, this was a non-stop United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Chicago. I [...]