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Italy’s Amalfi Coast, the Galapagos Islands and Oregon’s Rogue River – What a Trip

Samantha, Zanna and Cassie Zulch Visit Italy's Amalfi Coast Posted by Nancy D. Brown My recent article for the Contra Costa Times began on the streets of Italy's Amalfi coast, ventured to Quito, Equador and the Galapagos Islands, where a high school biology teacher introduced her student's to a living classroom and ended with the author [...]

Vacation wonderland awaits in Galapagos, Machu Picchu and Napa Valley

  Contra Costa Times Article Launched: 02/01/2008 03:11:26 AM PST            Forget Costa Rica, South America’s Galapagos Islands and Peru’s Machu Picchu seems to be this year’s hot spots for Lamorinda travelers.  Craig and Margaret Isaacs, along with Campolindo’s Maureen & Eva, spent eight days at the Eco Hotel Finch Bay, with an all inclusive package.  Margaret described [...]

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